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TravelgateX Partners with Vervotech to bolster hotel and room-level mapping efforts for Its customers


PRESS RELEASE.- The partnership is aimed at simplifying the hotel and room mapping processes for its customers through AI.

Vervotech, one of the leading AI-powered hotel and room-level mapping providers, announced a partnership with TravelgateX, a global marketplace for the travel trade. Vervotech is excited to join hands with TravelgateX and integrate its AI-based Hotel Mapping and Room Mapping products to provide smart mapping solutions to its customers.

TravelgateX runs the largest connectivity marketplace. It offers one single API integration to receive standardised feed of all sellers, in addition to offering distribution options ranging from Tour Operators to OTA. This new partnership will help its customers simplify the way hotel and room content is displayed and consumed.

“TravelgateX's continued efforts in making the life easier for buyers and sellers is a testament to its global success,” said Sanjay Ghare, MD, Vervotech. He further added, “Vervotech is pleased to integrate its AI-based mapping solutions with TravelgateX and help its customers enable smart mappings to increase conversions.“We are thrilled to kickstart this partnership with Vervotech,” commented Iván Font, Chief Strategy Officer, TravelgateX. He also added, “We are confident that this integration will add further value to our customers and will play a massive role in increasing their sales by displaying error-free and accurate accommodation data.”


About TravelgateX: Founded by Pedro Camara in 2012, TravelgateX is an online B2B marketplace that is based in Palma de Mallorca and provides connectivity to global tourism companies, with a network of 1,000 interconnected clients and service providers, 30,000 daily reservations and a turnover of 3.2 billion euros.

About Vervotech: Vervotech, a travel technology company, was established in 2018 with the vision of organising and standardising accommodation data using AI-based approaches. Currently, Vervotech offers three major products, namely, Hotel Mapping, Room Mapping and Hotel Curated Content.