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CON-X Interview: Analucia Lecompte, CEO & Founder at Soundwalkrs

In today’s interview, Analucia Lecompte, CEO of Soundwalkrs, talks about Mobile Self-Guided Audio Tour Guides and how their brand provides B2B clients the right tools to amaze their travelers.

How was your brand born? How do you help your clients? And why did you choose to settle in Mallorca?

Soundwalkrs was born to respond to the growing trend of independent travelers that were looking to explore destinations without a tour guide. Leaving forever behind the boring traditional audio guides, Soundwalks bring actors to perform directly to travelers headset as they are guided through GPS and 3D Sound Technology.

Our Audio walk Content Powerhouse, provide our B2B clients (OTAs, Aggregators, Hotels, and other tourism service providers) the possibility to amaze their travelers, engage them with high-quality destination content.

We decided to settle in Mallorca, as it is home and headquarters of many travel tech players who have begun tapping the ever growing 168 billion US Market of Tours and Activities.

From a creativity, sound, and marketing perspective … What are the key differences between the travel industry and other sectors?

I think the travel industry offers excellent opportunities to earn travelers loyalty through creative approaches. We are responding to a growing demand for new experiences, especially when it comes to services at the destination.

In particular, I believe is worth highlighting the Technology of Tours and Activities (TTA) sector, which has shown that even major Travel brands began to adapt their business models, and innovate with new products and new seamless integrations driven by the API economy.

How is SoundWalkrs helping other brands?

SOUNDWALKRS is the content powerhouse for audio walking experiences for the travel marketplace.

Besides offering an unmatched sales margins within the sector, our partners can innovate with the distribution of Soundwalk access codes, enabling their travelers to unlock adventures with our content within the destinations. A great way to grow their engagement rate, customer loyalty and wowing the traveler with high-quality technology that is seamlessly integrated into their platforms.

Brands can also activate specific travel messages to increase sales and cross-sell during or after the purchase, and travelers can access the main recommendations as well as a wide range of travel freebies and promotions throughout the chapters.

Our self-guided audio tour guides evoke emotions, through to 3D sound technology, bringing actors to perform directly to travelers headset and taking them on a self-guided journey, as city streets become live museums.

How should technology and travel companies stand out and face future challenges in the digital content sector?

Throughout the travel purchase journey, and across all touchpoints, there is a fierce battle of price and travelers engagement from their “dreaming moment,” to their “Booking moment” to their “enjoyment in destination.”

We firmly believe that technology and travel companies should be ready to innovate, integrate new players and products to face new challenges. The digital content sector brings great opportunities and new tools to allow travel brands to generate more revenue from every booking through cross-selling opportunities.

How did you found out about CON-X? And how can you can help other attendees?

Con-X is an excellent opportunity to meet in Mallorca, discuss new trends, and challenges posed by industry changes together. I believe participants of the event will be able to network and learn from experts and industry leaders.

Why do you think network and innovation are important today?

Network and innovation are paramount for the growth and survival of travel companies in this information, innovation era. Keeping up with new trends, understanding and anticipating threats become ever more important, mainly due to the fast changes in our industry.

What advice would you give to the founders of travel and technology companies? How could the content help in their business?

It is estimated that only 20% of in-destination tours and activities inventory is bookable online; and travel companies are transitioning into multiple travel verticals, providing numerous services and products. We believe that our audio walk guides become an early victory for those companies that want to innovate and overall be part of the income generating action in TTA.

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