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CON-X Interview: Gloria Macías, Enterprise Commercial Lead at Microsoft Spain

In today’s interview, Gloria Macias talks about the important role of Microsoft in hospitality and what will be the next disruptive technology within the travel industry

Gloria, tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in Microsoft

I am the Enterprise Commercial Lead at Microsoft Spain and one of my main missions is to focus on helping large companies to embark and excel at digital transformations across every process, customer touchpoint, and employee. However. I was previously working as a Partner at McKinsey & Co where I led the AI practice serving customers globally. I have a degree in Business Administration and Law and during my spare time, I like to travel with my husband and my 3 wonderful children.null

Can you explain how travel companies benefit from Microsoft

Our mission is to help our clients achieve more, which is why the Microsoft platform provides technology infused with Artificial Intelligence that trains employees, helps transform their products, allows them to connect with customers and optimizes their operations. We are focused on allowing our clients to create value for them in our platform instead of marketing them.

What cutting-edge initiatives are you promoting to stay ahead of the competition?

We work side by side with our partners developing cutting-edge solutions that improve the performance of our customers. Some of these advances include, for example, the use of our IoT Stack which improves the efficiency and maintenance of cruises or buildings; the 360º view that offers them a truly personalized service; collaborative tools combined with Bots that promote employee productivity; cognitive solutions through our personal assistant which is used with clients before and after arriving and integrated social listening of properties to better manage clients’ feelings. We focus on providing safe and reliable technology for our partners and customers to develop solutions with it.

What do you think the next disruptive technologies of the future will be and how will the tourism industry benefit from it?

I would have to say artificial intelligence and mixed/virtual/augmented reality. These new technologies will definitely transform the way customers travel, from exploring new destinations to re-living their experiences.

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