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CON-X interview: Manny Fontenla Novoa, President at Logitravel Group

In today’s interview, Manny Fontenla Novoa, talks about the future of metasearch engines and what new trends companies need to keep an eye on.

Can you tell us how you became part of the Logitravel Group team and what projects are you currently working on?

When Logitravel acquired Magic Rooms, a company that I had founded myself, I had the opportunity to get to know Ovidio better, his team and the business itself. The progress of the company and the business opportunities were one of the reasons why I decided to join the team.

Our main areas are based on two strategic areas: organic and non-organic. Thanks to both, we have great business opportunities and we enjoy their success. But at Logitravel we also develop new businesses with Hotels, Tour Operators and DMC’s.

There are more and more players joining the game, and big players are growing exponentially…is there a limit?

In fact, in the OTA field there are some excellent examples of companies that have had great success. When we talk about the beach sector, Love Holidays, Travel Republic and, of course, Logitravel are now some of the sector leaders.

In this field, as in any business, you need to have a great product and be the best at something. that’s why having cutting-edge technology, excellent connectivity, and great people is essential. If you already have all this, the rest will depend on the administration, the speed of commercialization and the cost base.

What makes your customer’s experience different from other companies?

The after-sales service is essential to build customer loyalty. However, we are committed to maintaining personalization, or in other words, understanding what the client wants at each stage, whether they are in contact with us or when they are planning their vacations.

It may sound cliché, but when it comes to the truth, few companies really do this. In our case, the technology that we have helps us to predict and understand what the client is looking for and we customize our offer to meet their needs.

As a person with experience in this sector, what is your take on metasearchers and how do you think they will evolve?

The business of the search engines goal is falling rapidly. Companies like Trivago, Tripadvisor or Kayak are experiencing drops of up to 30%, which means a drastic change in the rules of distribution and marketing online. This fall is benefiting mainly Google, who is gaining market share, but also hotel chains, airlines and OTAs.

How are you using AI to add value to your customers?

We use Big Data and AI to personalize the product shown to the customer and get as close as possible to the trip they are looking for. In Logitravel OTA, for example, we customize the store window for each client that accesses the website.

How crucial are technology and connectivity to your business?

Technology is the heart of our group, it is in our DNA. Logitravel is truly unique in this aspect.

Our IT engineers, in addition to performing their own tasks, seek new opportunities, design proposals, develop business plans that include marketing, sales and also manage the business.

Connectivity is not only key to the travel sector, it is an important pillar in any business sector. It has had a great impact on the travel industry and will continue to play an important role in the future.

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