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CON-X Interview: Antonio Homar, Chief Commercial Officer at Zafiro Hotels

In today’s interview, Zafiro Hotels, explains how they’ve managed to adapt their company to the market changes and how hotel chains should too.

Can you tell us, a little bit more about Zafiro Hotels

Zafiro Hotels currently have 12 hotels in Mallorca and Menorca. We provide exclusive services to create the most amazing family vacations. Rest and relaxation, superior quality, personalized service, excellent facilities, and exquisite dining options are just a few of the highlights and values of our brand.

What are the main challenges that your clients are facing at the moment?

When it comes to offline strategy, Tour Operators need to dynamize their prices to avoid losing market share, mainly due to the growth of destinations that have been experiencing, in recent years, a decrease in reservations.

As for online strategy, we are currently facing more complex challenges, but of course, that also depends on the level of development of each channel. Some, for example, must improve and modernize their distribution channels to adapt to the travel demand.

How crucial are technology and connectivity to your business?

Technology is gaining more and more importance in the travel industry, and we as a medium chain, are forced to outsource certain services and innovate alongside startups and new business models.

What makes consumer’s experience something different in your company?

Zafiro’s motto is: ”Freedom of choice’ ‘which means the possibility of enjoying your vacation as you wish. From different room types to different types of service; from the Accommodation Only to the Premium All Inclusive in which we offer different options of restoration and premium drinks. Let us not forget, children’s satisfaction is also very important to us, and the reason why we-ve built exclusive areas for them to enjoy every second of their stay.

What is your relationship with metasearchers and how do you think this will evolve?

At this moment we are only working with one of them, but one thing is clear, metasearch engines are becoming more important and will soon be part of the marketing and distribution plans of every hotel brand.

How are you using AI to add value to your customers?

We haven’t had the chance to work with artificial intelligence yet, but we certainly hope to do it in the future.

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