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Executive Panel Con-X 2023: Exploring AI adoption and its impact on our lives

panel AI Adoption

The Executive Panel Discussion on AI adoption took place recently, featuring industry experts from various companies. The panel included Daniel Hansens from Slack, Shiyi Pickrell from Expedia, Iñaki Fuentes from Quonversa, and Aroa Fernández from Microsoft, with Silvia Leal moderating the session. The discussion centered around the impact of artificial intelligence on different aspects of our lives, particularly in the workplace and the travel industry. The panel aimed to address concerns and provide insights that would inspire optimism about AI adoption. The theme of the event, "Uncut: now it's personal," emphasized the personalized and transformative potential of AI.

Aroa Fernández, an AI specialist at Microsoft, shared her personal experiences with AI and her passion for both AI and travel. She highlighted how AI can enhance the travel and tourism industry, making trips more personalized and unique. 

Daniel Hansens, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Slack, recounted his recent travel experience in Thailand. He shared how he relied on AI to plan his trip and how it helped him discover unique locations and experiences. Daniel also reflected on the lesson he learned about not relying solely on AI and balancing it with personal judgment.

Iñaki Fuentes, the CEO of Quonversa, talked about their journey of integrating conversational AI into their services. He mentioned the initial challenges they faced and how they eventually embraced AI as a valuable tool within their company.

Shiyi Pickrell, the Senior Vice President of Expedia Group Data and Artificial Intelligence, shared her experience working in machine learning and AI. She highlighted the value of AI in providing personalized recommendations and cultural insights to travelers. Shiyi expressed her excitement about the integration of ChatGPT in Expedia's app and how it enhances the travel experience for users.

Lastly, the panel introduced ChatBot-X, an AI-powered conversational assistant, to the audience. ChatBot-X provided an overview of its capabilities and how it can assist travelers and employees by understanding their needs and preferences. It emphasized the potential for AI to create better travel experiences and enhance interactions with users.

During the discussion, the panelists also discussed how AI has affected their day-to-day activities. They highlighted three ways in which AI has made a difference. Aroa mentioned leveraging AI to be more productive in her professional life and using AI-generated images for presentations. Daniel shared how AI helps him summarize meetings, generate initial content, and manage his calendar efficiently. Iñaki mentioned using AI to streamline tasks, organize his notes, and even assist with writing legal emails.

In conclusion, the panel shed light on the transformative power of AI in various domains, particularly in travel and work. The personal anecdotes shared by the panelists demonstrated how AI can augment and personalize experiences, streamline tasks, and empower individuals. While AI offers tremendous opportunities, the importance of human judgment, scepticism, and responsible use of AI was also emphasized. The panel left attendees with a sense of optimism and a deeper understanding of AI's potential and impact on society.