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Gerd Leonhard to discuss ChatGPT, AI, and the Future of Travel at CON-X 2023


Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency and renowned expert in technology and media, will be one of the keynote speakers at CON-X 2023 in Mallorca, where he will address the topic of ChatGPT, AI, and the future of travel.

In his speech, Leonhard will highlight how large language models and generative AI tools like ChatGPT have the potential to transform every aspect of the travel experience, from discovery and search to booking a trip or package and the actual experiences of travelers. Leonhard will describe what is behind the hype about AI and ChatGPT, what is real and what is not yet, what to expect in the next 5 years, and how to use these tools with caution and care. gerd-leonard-conferenciante

Leonhard's participation in CON-X 2023 will be a unique opportunity for conference attendees to gain a deep and valuable understanding of the impact that AI will have on the travel industry and how they can prepare to make the most of these technological innovations.

Mallorca will once again be at the centre of the global B2B hotel distribution landscape thanks to CON-X 2023.

On 10 May, more than 350 executives representing the most influential companies in the hotel distribution industry will attend a conference to discuss new technological trends in the market and the use of artificial intelligence for personalization and depersonalization. "Uncut: Now it's personal" is the name of the conference, which opens the door to inspiring personal experiences that have succeeded against all odds in other areas.

"We are in the hospitality industry and our business is to make people happy, to enable them to create memories that last forever. This conference is the perfect opportunity for all of us to connect as people, to really get to know each other in an informal but professional environment and, like our customers, build bonds that will last forever," explained Pedro Camara, founder of TravelgateX and responsible for the organization of CON-X 2023. 

The last two editions of CON-X featured more than 20 speakers from around the world, more than 40 sponsors and more than 700 participants from all countries, generating more than 2,000 business meetings in a single day.


  • Christian Kremers, CEO Tuexperiencia.com
  • Pedro Camara, CEO and founder of TravelgateX
  • Iñaki Fuentes, CEO Quonversa
  • Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency 
  • Wouter Geerts, Head of Research at Skift
  • Alex Gisbert, CEO Fastpay Hotels
  • Henry James Wells, finnCap Group
  • Morgann Lesne, Partner Investor Cambon
  • Jan-Franke Valentin, Partner Investor ECP
  • Daniel Hansens, Senior Director Product Marketing, Slack
  • Silvia Leal, International Trends & Technology Expert
  • Aroa Fernández, Data & AI Specialist Microsoft
  • Shiyi Pickrell, Data Science, Expedia
  • Lionel Scaloni, coach Argentina National Football Team 

Companies collaborating with the third edition of Con-X 2023: Zafiro Hotels, Methabook, PeakPoint, Giata, PrimeTravel, Stuba, Dida Travel, Bedsopia, Welcomebeds, Fastly, TBO. com, Smyrooms, Webbeds, Solole, Expedia, DarinaHolidays, CentraldeReservas, Celitech, Interrias, Abreu, Ratehawk, HotelTrader, Illusions, BookMe, GoGlobal Travel, Nordbeds, DTS, Roibos, WithinEarth, Paximum, Aerticket, RatesPro, GuestIncoming, Xunta de Galicia y Camino de Santiago. 



The last two editions of Con-X were attended by more than 20 speakers from all over the world, +40 sponsors, +700 participants from all countries representing +1,000 companies. This generated more than 2,000 business meetings in a single day. Since the creation of these events, the month of May has always been fixed for the event, as well as different locations in Mallorca, such as the Son Termes estate, Es Baluard, Castillo San Carlos, Son Mir and Nikki Beach. This year, the Zafiro Palmanova Hotel will be the main partner hotel for the participants coming from all over the world.

ABOUT TravelgateX

Founded in 2012 and based in Palma de Mallorca, TravelgateX provides connectivity between travel companies around the world. Its mission is to democratize the travel industry and ensure that any business has great connectivity anywhere in the world. It generates more than 30,000 bookings a day worldwide, more than 3,000 searches a day and a turnover of more than $3.2 billion.