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Huawei Cloud: Empowering travel companies in the digital age

Huawei Cloud: Empowering Travel Companies in the Digital Age

In this interview, Matteo Conte, Senior Sales Manager Huawei Cloud, from Huawei Cloud discusses the unique challenges and opportunities travel companies face in the cloud era. We explore the biggest mistakes companies make, the evolving landscape of travel technology in Spain, and how Huawei Cloud is empowering businesses for success.

Q: What's the biggest cloud strategy mistake travel companies make?

A: Many lack a scalable and flexible architecture from the start. This leads to data silos and hinders agility. A cloud-native approach that enables automation and easy integration is crucial.

Q: What unique cloud needs to travel companies have?

A: Travel companies require exceptional data management – from reservations to real-time logistics – often with high seasonal workloads. Cloud solutions with high availability, geographic resilience, and dynamic cost optimization are essential.

Q: Do some travel companies still see technology as a cost center?

A: Yes, some view technology as a short-term cost, not a strategic investment. This overlooks long-term gains like cost optimization through automation, data-driven personalization, and innovation for new revenue streams.

Q: How can travel companies protect themselves from data breaches?

A: Robust security policies, compliance with GDPR, and data encryption are key. Zero-trust architecture and managed security solutions in the cloud further strengthen data protection.

Q: Why is Spain a leader in travel technology?

A: Spain's thriving tourism sector combined with its emerging tech ecosystem fosters innovation. Collaboration between startups, universities, and the public sector fuels the development of advanced travel tech solutions.

Q: How will Spain's travel technology scene evolve?

A: Spain is likely to solidify its leadership. Expect consistent adoption of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to personalize travel experiences and optimize operations.

Q: Can you tell us about Huawei Cloud's work with Spanish travel companies?

A: We collaborate with a variety of travel companies – from startups to large tour operators – implementing secure, scalable cloud infrastructures that support everything from reservations to data analytics.

Q: What inspired Huawei Cloud's sponsorship of CON-X 2024?

A: Huawei Cloud is committed to promoting innovation across industries. By sponsoring CON-X 2024, we showcase how our cloud solutions empower travel companies for digital transformation and growth.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A: Huawei Cloud is dedicated to expanding its presence in Europe. We invite everyone to visit our website to explore our latest offerings and register for free trials. Additionally, mark your calendars for the upcoming Huawei Cloud Iberia Summit on June 27th, where we'll unveil groundbreaking technologies and our vision for the future of cloud in travel and beyond.


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CON-X 2024 | MAIN SPONSOR HUAWEI CLOUD | Matteo Conte, Business Development Manager


The key takeaways:

The Importance of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

Matteo emphasized the significance of adopting a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy. He noted that relying solely on legacy systems can hinder growth and innovation. Instead, travel businesses should embrace global cloud providers like Huawei Cloud to achieve scalability, flexibility, and enhanced performance.

Transitioning from Legacy systems

Travel companies must stop operating exclusively in traditional ways and start leveraging the benefits of cloud services. By doing so, they can optimize their operations, reduce costs, and stay competitive in a fast-paced industry.

Huawei Cloud's role in TravelgateX's growth

Matteo expressed his excitement about Huawei Cloud's collaboration with TravelgateX. He described it as a significant boost for the company, marking the beginning of a new and promising chapter. With the support of a globally recognized tech giant like Huawei, TravelgateX is poised for a bright future filled with opportunities and growth.

A bright future ahead

The partnership with Huawei Cloud is expected to bring substantial benefits to TravelgateX and its stakeholders. Matteo's optimism reflects the positive sentiment within the industry, highlighting the potential for innovation and success in the coming years.

As TravelgateX embarks on this new journey with Huawei Cloud, the future looks incredibly promising. By leveraging advanced cloud solutions, the company is well-positioned to lead the way in the travel tech industry, ensuring enhanced services and greater efficiency for its clients.


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