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Press Release: Infotera Brazil Partners with TravelgateX to expand customer access


Infotera Brasil and TravelgateX have established a strategic agreement to distribute +500 accommodation providers. TravelgateX, a global leader in #connectivity, has successfully concluded the strategic integration with Infotera Brasil.

+500 Sellers connected to TravelgateX will have access to +60 Infotera clients in Brazil. Infotera Buyers can now benefit from a differential procurement strategy, eliminating intermediation, improving service and profitability, and connecting 300 Bedbanks, 70 Channel Managers, and 200 DMCs through TravelgateX.

▪️ About TravelgateX: Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, TravelgateX offers standardized APIs connecting buyers and sellers in the travel industry. With over 1,000 connected partners, TravelgateX generates over 4 billion euros in transactions, with more than 30,000 bookings and 5 billion searches daily. TravelgateX's mission is to democratize the travel industry and ensure that any company, regardless of size, whether online or offline, is available worldwide.

For more information: www.travelgate.com.

▪️ About Infotera: Infotera is a software development company founded in 2008. Since then, it has stood out in the market for its leading tool, the Infrotravel platform, specially designed to meet the needs of tour operators. Committed to continuous innovation, Infotravel is always evolving, seeking to improve its solutions to ensure clients achieve their financial goals. Our mission is to drive our clients' growth, enabling them to significantly increase their online revenue. For more information: www.infotera.com.br.