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Insights-X: the world data center for tourist connections by TravelgateX

TravelgateX’s Business Intelligence team launches Insights reports through Google Data Studio based on more than 1,500 million hotel searches within the marketplace. This data center can already be consulted publicly.

The most “tourist-friendly” countries, the ones with the highest number of travelers, the countries with the most expensive reservations or those who spend more money on trips are some of the data that can be consulted in Insights.

Javier Roda and his team Marcos Barragán and Marina Moreno been able to compare and contrast the millions of transactions going through the marketplace in order to make them available to anyone with daily updates.

“What we want to offer with these reports is a base of information on which our clients can make decisions in order to increase their profits”, comments Javier Roda, Unit Manager of Business Intelligence of TravelgateX.

The tool that the team has used to show the information is Google Data Studio. “We chose to do so because this technology can be used to convert data into reports and information panels are easy to read and share. In addition, they are completely customizable. “We believe it will help everyone to see and benefit from the information we provide”, says Marina Moreno, Big Data Engineer.

How Insights works

Insights are our Big Data solution providing you with valuable information so that you can make informed decisions about your buying and/or selling patterns.

In the first image, we can see TravelgateX’s evolution during the last 3 years in both searches and reservations. This year alone we are close to reaching the total amount of reservations achieved over the entire previous year.


On the next page of the report, the days of the week and the months preferred by travelers for their vacations are displayed. We can also find out where the travelers are from and where they go on their holidays.


Next is an infographic of the most requested destinations by sole adventurers, couples, families, and groups. We can also see if the travelers book in advance or not, and the duration of their stay. The average prices of the reservations are also available in this report.


On page 4, you can check if your country is more requested by couples or families, where tourists come from, and during which months of the year they prefer to visit you.


Finally, whereas in the previous graph you could observe information about the visitors of each country, here we can find out how, when and where your compatriots travel.


This report will be continuously updated so check back often and tell all your friends!


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