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Insights-X: The data tool that allows you to optimize travel business

Working on the intelligent customization of any product is the current challenge of many companies, especially those in the tourism sector. One of the advantages of using large amounts of data is that you can generate more personalized and interesting offers for consumers. There are currently many data collection systems and most of them are programmed to offer the perfect product by collecting and learning the preferences of travelers, their habits and desires.

That’s why TravelgateX has developed Insights-X. A tool that helps companies in the tourism sector to know in advance how the market moves. A tool to understand the demand, decide what prices could be the most suitable for each product or service and to stay competitive.

Insights-X Data Tool

Thus, for example, a hotel chain that needs to position new products in a country will be able to know with the data of Insights-X what characteristics that market has, what are the main searches and how to focus their prices to sell more and better.

Insights-X Data Tool

Insights-X allows us to know which destinations are attracting more tourists, which is cheaper, travelers who spend the most and which markets emit more volume of trips. Insights-x is able to contrast millions of transactions that occur in this virtual b2b market of tourist connections.

Insights-X website

On the Insights-X website, you can see all the transactions as well as the amount of data collected daily: more than 2,000 million searches per day, more than 20,000 daily bookings and 2TB of data analyzed per day. Thanks to this large volume of data, Insights-X puts at your disposal a competitive analysis so that any company can see its position in the market, detect new opportunities and carry out improvements to grow their business.

TravelgateX provides valuable data for the travel industry. Through Insights-X, global supply and demand can be tracked in all markets and aggregated according to the preferences of B2B customers. You can also review historical trends and project performance at different levels in the future.

Hoteliers can access accurate data about their properties, compare their performance with their competitive environment through benchmarking, and they can track trends in occupation, demand, ADR, bookings, etc.

Those who use TravelgateX will benefit from the data stored in the systems. Important pieces of information such as the performance, reference datasets will help customers to make their connectivity more profitable and improve their performance.

TravelgateX processes data with a history of up to three years. Thus, they can be available together and in real time, totally clean so that any partner can discover opportunities and optimize revenues.

The platform allows you to analyze the performance by providing a comparative evaluation and the data provided is compatible with BI tools. It also offers its customers a free template through Data Studio as well as an analytical and visualization tool.

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