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CON-X interview: Fabian Buezas, Sales Manager Interrias

A cutting edge technology is key for digital transformation”

Next May 7, Fabian Buezas will be in Mallorca at the first CON-X conference organized by the TravelgateX team. Interrias is one of the sponsors that will give their support to this event. In this opportunity, Fabian shares with us his reflection on the challenges of technology and tourism.

What is the role of Interrias in the tourism industry?

We are the incoming tour operator with more operations in bespoke groups and cultural tours with guaranteed departures throughout Spain and Portugal. We also have a bed bank in North Spain and whole of Portugal with more than 900 hotels directly contracted.

Which innovation initiatives you are promoting from Interrias to the industry?

As an incoming for groups in whole Spain and Portugal, providing every kind of groups, we are always looking for new products and experiences as Santiago´s Way, with our new brand brochure to this on-trend destination.

How tourism players can benefit from Interrias?

With our strength in the Spain & Portugal destination, we can provide the best options to our clients. We, just need that they send us a request for tailor-made groups to show this.

What are the main challenges that your clients are facing at the moment?

The tourism is growing in Spain & Portugal every year so for them is not easy to get the best prices and services that they are looking for, there is where Viajes Interrias can collaborate as a reliable partner.

What are the key elements from your value proposition to support your clients in their growth?

With more than 30 years of experience and our personalized service, our team can provide the best offline service, and we also have a modern own fleet of coaches to support them so they can concentrate to get the final customer.

What essential features are you looking for in an ideal partner?

To have Spain & Portugal as a destination for every kind of groups and an xml bed bank in northern Spain and Portugal.

How crucial are technology to your business and specifically connectivity?

We can provide our bed bank (where we have more than 900 directly contracted hotels) through XML connection, so for us, a cutting edge technology is essential.

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