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CON-X interview: Lars Leiram, CEO Move Management

“Good things will happen to you and your business”

On May 7, Lars Leiram will be in Mallorca at the first CON-X Conference organized by the TravelgateX team.  On this occasion, Lars shares with us his story and reflections on how to help companies grow.

Lars, explain your experience and how you came to create Move Management. 

The joy of creating special moments and evoke engagement, insights, knowledge, and ability within people, is what it has been all about for me since I started out with a teaching degree more than three decades ago. After acquiring the right skills at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts I joined a start-up company, became a partner and worked intensely for ten years producing a number of large-scale corporate productions.

In those days we called it multimedia, a groundbreaking technology that allowed e-learning to be truly interactive when engaging the users. Along the way, I came in close contact with a long row of management teams and became more and more interested in the interaction and dynamics between leaders and also between leaders and their staff.

In 2003 I started my first company as a management consultant and trainer, and when I met with four brilliant colleagues in 2010 we joined forces and created Move Management, a company that “we all had been searching for since the day we started working”.

Move is the people-centered and value-driven consultancy company that make individuals, teams, businesses and organizations better by moving them to their desired state. We build everything we do on a strong belief that in every human being there are abilities, talents, and qualities that can spur the individual to make a real difference.

In practical terms, we analyze, diagnose, design a structure, implement and follow up. All this in close cooperation with our customers. When people feel good and dare to do more, the step is not far to make entire companies and organizations grow and develop. Please check out www.move.se for more info.

What role does technology play in your company? 

An increasingly huge one. According to Stanford researcher B.J. Fogg, we need three things to implement lasting behavioral changes: motivation, ability and ongoing “triggers” – that is, reminders. Digital tools that follow up strategies, trainings et cetera are in combination with carefully planned face-to-face meetings and trainings, a crucial mix that helps you achieve the transformation and development you are aiming for.

One of our tools, Teambook, is a well-proven digital tool, a cloud service that works on all digital platforms, tailored to each team. It supports, follows up, measures, and reminds you of the triggers you yourself have committed to. Teambook is simply a tool that drives development and makes it sustainable in the long term and part of everyday culture.

How do you help companies, people to do business?

We focus on the competence and the engagement of the staff, to ensure results. Thus, we make sure that each staff member has a clear picture of what is to be achieved, an explicit motivation, the right skills, and the right methods and tools to be able to maximize their contribution on the journey.

When doing this we promote the optimal behavior that aligns with the strategy which in turn creates better business results. That is what most of Move’s client projects are about. In other words, we achieve better results by working with people’s behavior in various ways, always based on research and proven methods.

Have ways of doing business at events changed? Why?  

This is a question that would take a short essay to answer. But if I just choose to reflect on events themselves, you might say that the attention span of the participants, in general, has shortened quite a bit, compared with just a decade ago.

I guess the constant and instant needs-fulfilled-feeling that we all are used to with the knowledge and entertainment that we have at our fingertips today, might be the factor to blame for this. I believe that the demands on the quality of events have also increased.

Participants, inspired by the ten best TED-talks of all time, sometimes seems to have the same expectations of every speaker in the entire conference program. High demands, hard to meet.

Another aspect of this is that we encounter so much through digital channels today, that the analog experience at a physical conference is stronger from many aspects in comparison. I think that the effects of these “live experiences” will become an increasingly important factor for doing business the more digitalized we get. Just note that one does not exclude the other; a balanced combination is a thing.

CON-X is a corporate event of TravelgateX based on Network, Innovation, Partnership, what do participants have to take into account for this to occur?

I believe the answer lies exactly in those three words: Network, Innovation, and Partnership. We can prepare well and arrange something great, and if the participants take responsibility for their role in this, fruitful networking will take place, innovative thoughts and ideas will evolve and partnership between you and other participants and/or organizations will occur.

So, in other words, if you choose to arrive with the mindset of being present and open for new impressions as well as new business relations, good things will happen to you and your business. I am so much looking forward to meeting everyone there.

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