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Ottila International and TravelgateX Get Together at WTM London 2023


The networking event organised by HotelRack, Ottila International and TravelgateX in the run-up to WTM London, which took place at the vibrant Moxy Hotel, brought together more than 50 key guests from the travel industry. This "Get Together" was a unique opportunity to share experiences, establish connections with strategic partners and explore business synergies for future projects. 

The world of travel and tourism is dynamic and ever evolving. In such a competitive and diverse environment, collaboration and building strong relationships are critical to success. In this context, the networking event organised by HotelRack, Ottila International and TravelgateX stood out as a valuable initiative for the WTM London community.


The event was held at the cosy Moxy Hotel, providing the perfect setting for more than 50 guests to meet in an informal yet professional atmosphere. During the evening, participants shared their experiences and knowledge, allowing for the exchange of ideas and innovative strategies.

One of the main objectives of the event was to facilitate the identification of potential strategic partners and the creation of business synergies. With the presence of professionals from various areas of the tourism industry, from hotels and travel agencies to technology providers, the door was opened to new collaborations and business opportunities. WhatsApp Image 2023-11-05 at 21.08.22

Attendees took full advantage of this space to network, discuss industry trends and explore potential partnerships that can propel their businesses to future success. Meaningful conversations were generated that could result in joint projects, business agreements and shared strategies.

In short, these meetings not only strengthen existing relationships, but also open new doors to exciting and promising business opportunities. As industry professionals, we cannot underestimate the value of making strong connections and being open to new perspectives. This event exemplifies the entrepreneurial mindset that drives innovation and growth in the tourism industry.

Ricardo Mattos - Head of Business Development Hotelrack Global Division of Ottila International, giveaway at Get Together, 3 Nights in the Maldives and 2 Nights in Dubai. Pedro Camara, CEO of TravelgateX, and Susana Alonso Casali, Business Development Director, presented the awards. Find out who the winners were...