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Portimar: A Strategic Alliance to Empower Portugal as a Destination


Portimar, one of the leading Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Portugal, has formed a strong partnership with TravelgateX, the global marketplace for tourism connections.

This strategic collaboration aims to boost Portugal as a destination and provide an exceptional experience for visitors. In an interview with José Pacheco, CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) of Portimar, we explore how the partnership with TravelgateX has strengthened their operations and brought a wide range of benefits to both parties.

According to José Pacheco, CCO of Portimar, he states: "Our alliance with TravelgateX has allowed us to develop a comprehensive and efficient distribution model that provides us with a clear market vision and helps us achieve our goals." With over 35 years of experience in the tourism sector, Portimar prides itself on offering high-quality local services and a deep understanding of all the regions where it operates. The collaboration with TravelgateX has enabled Portimar to expand its reach and access a network of over 1000 partners worldwide.

In the words of José Pacheco, CCO of Portimar: "We are delighted to be integrated into the TravelgateX ecosystem. It has provided us with extraordinary distribution resources that we have fully utilized." The relationship with TravelgateX has allowed Portimar to enhance its activation process and deliver an exclusive product with excellent customer service.

Additionally, Portimar highly appreciates the real-time platform offered by TravelgateX, which provides them with an up-to-date performance dashboard at all times. The collaboration between Portimar and TravelgateX has been mutually beneficial. As José Pacheco, CCO of Portimar, highlights: "We have closed new partnerships and had the opportunity to approach other potential partners through our association with TravelgateX."