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Skift Travel Health Index is supported by TravelgateX data


The Skift Travel Health Index is a real-time measure of the overall performance of the travel industry and its key verticals. It provides a powerful tool for strategic planning in the travel industry, which is of paramount importance in times of ongoing uncertainty.

Skift Research launched this index in May 2020 under the name Skift Recovery Index. In early 2022, they changed the name to Skift Travel Health Index to reflect important changes, such as the addition of more indicators and data partners, as well as the continued effort to monitor the health of the sector beyond the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

TravelgateX has been added as a source of information on hotel room rates. In addition, this publication includes information from other sources such as Amadeus, Hotelbeds, RateGain, Shiji Group, Skyscanner, Sojern, among others.