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SPONSOR CON-X 2023: Haluk Kayhan, Managing Director Prime Travel


- We live in a period of high uncertainty, in which the main challenge for managers is decision-making. At Con-X we will talk about this, but could you tell us about your own case? How do you deal with decision-making in your company? 

- We do manage 3 companies: “Prime Travel Service”, “Bedsopia”, and “Goodotel.com”. In general, all of these companies have different roles in Travel industry. However, we focus on the results expressed in statistics and figures. We employ analytical tools that allow us to gather the necessary data from various sources and put it all together. This allows us to think more logically and make better, calculated decisions instead of relying on intuition. We have automated regular data reports and our reporting systems, producing tailor-made necessary reports instantly.  

In our companies the roles and responsibilities are well-defined, and the decision-making process is transparent and inclusive. This helps simplify decision-making and reduce confusion. We have developed an organizational culture that encourages adaptability which is enabling us to be flexible in making necessary adaptations. 

Collaboration and open communication are highly valued in our company culture. We use concrete data to inform decisions, so when it's hard to choose one option, we analyze the associated risks of all possibilities and then test the most suitable ones for tracking results. We prioritize education and events where we can have open conversations, express freely, and feel comfortable. 

- What do you see as the main trends in tourism distribution today? 

- The main trend of the past years would be online distribution itself. Now travelers have access to real-time updated information and reviews, they are able to compare prices across multiple platforms. These platforms provide dynamic pricing solutions that are useful for Hotels, Travel Agencies & OTA’s to optimize their revenue and occupancy based on demand, seasonality, and other factors. 

Online systems also bring the ability to analyze data with the help of ML & AI Technologies. As a result, systems create more personalized offers and recommendations based on traveler profiles and behavior. 

Obviously, there is a growing demand for eco-friendly, socially responsible, and locally-focused travel, in shape of food tours, adventure activities, cultural sightseeing. Travelers are more aware now than ever before and are looking for businesses that prioritize sustainability to have a positive effect on the environment and local communities. Tourists also prefer to have more genuine, immersive, experiences that explore beyond just sight-seeing. 

With Covid-19 we have witnessed the need for alternative accommodations, this kind of demand has increased rapidly. Our systems have also adopted and had an increasing number of searches for vacation rentals, homestays, and boutique Hotels. 

- Have you taken daring decisions in your company, and can you tell us some anecdotes? 

- Yes, certainly. We all have had daring decisions, especially at the first existence of the company. However, there were many challenges on the way to face with. One of them was of course Covid-19 when we decided to keep working more on creating a new network of connections. We might have been at home, however, everyone in the company was focusing on still on sale destinations and the connections of those destinations. During Covid, the company has had the most numbers of connections in regard to Hotels, Suppliers, and Clients. Meanwhile, we have had time to develop a clear vision and built a company culture that incorporates innovative and ambitious goals. We have strengthened our “in-house” support department with new technologies and tailor-made pieces of software. And as a result, the members of the company were increasing, people in the company were happy, and we still benefit from the developments of those days.  

- Why should CON-X participants talk to you, what can you offer them? 

- We have a lot to offer as our business models cover of multi destinations DMC, B2B & B2C segments. We have multiple technologies that can be implemented easily. While our Product portfolio is global, we also have Direct contracts covering 25 countries. And by “Direct Product” we mean only the contract we sign with the Hotels themselves. We do not count the DMC and supplier contracts. As I already mentioned, to ensure customer satisfaction, we have upgraded our support team with modern tracking technologies, an in-house service squad, and multiple Payment systems. Our B2C platforms generate an impressive number of Sales, which provides significant benefits and personalized marketing options for Hotels. 


- What is your experience with the events organized by TravelgateX, would you recommend them to other companies? 
- For us, we believe that TravelGateX offers strong connectivity benefits in the global market, thus we are glad that Prime Travel Service is the first TGX’s partner from Turkey. After having attended both Con-X and After-X last year, we ended up with quite a lot of connections! As the travel industry is ever-expanding, providing opportunities for all types of companies, we are recommend to all companies to be a part of its growth. There is a place for everyone. We are looking forward to the event this year.