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SPONSOR CON-X 2023: Interview Samuel Selma, Executive Vice President Hotels Viajes el Corte Inglés


The travel industry continues to go through a period of major key decisions for executives. At CON-X 2023, industry leaders such as Samuel Selma, Executive Vice President Hotels Viajes el Corte Inglés, shares his views on his own decision-making processes in this interview. With extensive industry experience, Samuel Selma explains the key trends in travel retailing today, including the growing importance of sustainability and the rapid growth of AI. He also shares his outlook on the year ahead and how his company plans to expand its reach through ambitious growth plans in product and distribution. 


- We live in a period of high uncertainty, in which the main challenge for managers is decision-making. At Con-X we will talk about this, but could you tell us about your own case? How do you deal with decision-making in your company?

- The industry has encountered a high level of uncertainty in recent years, and there are still a few more years to go. At Smyrooms our aim is to base all of our decisions on Data. Industry knowledge, and the team we have created, additionally support and enhance our decision-making process.

- What do you see as the main trends in tourism distribution today?

- Sustainability is not just a trend, it is a reality. We see more and more clients acknowledging that it is not just a “nice to have”, but a “must”. AI is obviously another trend that is growing rapidly. I believe the question here is how best to utilize the tools that we have so that trends don't just remain trends but become a solution to our clients.

- What are your perspectives for this year? Where do you want to go?

- This year, we have very ambitious growth plans, both in the product and distribution departments. We are looking at expanding our reach with interesting projects for our clients in order to ensure we provide them with what they are looking for, never losing the focus on customer service and technology which we believe are key.

- Why should CON-X participants talk to you, what can you offer them?

- Smyrooms is a bed bank with global coverage that offers a wide range of solutions for the travel industry. Our main strengths include direct contracting with over 35,000 hotels. At CON-X 2023, we bring our experience and knowledge in these areas and share how our technology and geolocation services can benefit participants in the travel industry. Additionally, we share our vision on how companies can leverage the latest technological trends to improve efficiency and customer experience.

- What is your experience with the events organized by TravelgateX, would you recommend them to other companies?

- TravelgateX organizes some of the best events in the industry. They are interesting, connect different companies from around the world, and you can always learn something from them. I would definitely recommend anyone who has the possibility to attend them.