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Swappt: A Fintech Mincorns Startup with a promising future

The Swappt team will be joining to Minicorn Club at PayExpo on October 9.

The Minicorn Club showcases

As the UK’s largest payments event, PayExpo Europe is essential for anyone involved and interested in making payments faster, easier and more secure. The main goal of this event is to provide all the most relevant information about payment services, payment technologies, and payment systems. It also provides an opportunity to get experience and to create partnerships with the best professionals.

Swappt has been selected as one of the promising Fintech startups and the team will be joining to Minicorn Club at PayExpo on October 9.

About Swappt

Our product enables OTAs to have access to a decision manager in order to route all their B2B payments in a universal, secure and PCI compliant way, thanks to one simple API. OTAs can choose the type of virtual card or any other payment method based on the contracts they have with each supplier, via our dashboard, and manage the invoice flow and conciliation with their accounting systems.

Swappt has a wide portfolio of payment partners which makes us a one-stop shop for travel companies looking for managing settlements with their suppliers through any payment service provider. Swappt streamlines and automates payments by significantly reducing any fraud or dispute risk. Travel Companies logs in to our platform to choose the payment method they wish to use for each specific supplier via Swappt’s Decision Maker tool and for any confirmed booking, Swappt sends the payment orders by its Smart Routing system. Travel Companies save a lot of time by increasing efficiency and get access to the Suppliers who requires a specific payment method, and all this just by a simple integration to the Platform.

SWAPPT is a Payment Management Platform created by TravelgateX.

How it works?

Swappt is a Payment Management Platform which is a hub designed with Smart Routing features and provides all-in-one access to a wide range of payment service providers.

Following a confirmed booking, a payment instruction is triggered and sent automatically to the corresponding payment service providers, based on the travel company’s pre-arranged preferences specified in the Swappt platform.

Why Swappt?

  • Because you earn revenue by working with us! We pay a rebate fee to our clients each time they use our technology to pay to their Suppliers. The fees vary based on the conditions set forth in the agreements of each payment service provider.
  • No tech requirements needed. A simple integration with us and we do it all and give you an access to a very well designed and simple web platform.
  • You can forget all manual processing and tracking for your B2B payments.
  • We let you add any other payment methods via the same platform and same API.
  • Less fraud risk, reliability, traceability, and security.

More information: https://www.swappt.com/

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