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What qualities should you search for in a technology partner?

Data Partner

A technology partner is a service provider company, which also advises a company in a personalized way in all its technological decisions, accompanying it throughout the implementation process. 

For a travel company, for example, a good technological partner must be up to date at all times with the most advanced in connections, digital technology, data, programming languages, or others.

But you should also have a deep knowledge of the sector to help the company make the best decisions for its business. Therefore, if a company is looking for a technology partner to continue growing, it is important to keep three important points in mind:

Choose specialists

Companies want to be next to experienced partners who are capable of responding to their needs. Therefore, it is convenient to look for technology companies with sufficient experience, and that can also provide efficient solutions to the requirements.

Broad Portfolio

Although a company may be a specialist in its own niche, the best thing is to have a broad portfolio to cover the needs of customers from different points. A marketplace such as TravelgateX, can, for example, provide the necessary connections through its online platform in order to help the growth of other companies in the sector.

Value added service

It is also interesting to bet on specialists who have tools that others cannot have, such as data, a cutting-edge programming language, good customer service, or other requirements that can help make a difference with respect to their competitors. And there will be more qualities, the interesting thing is that the technological partner is a key piece for the success of the digital transformation of a company.

TravelgateX has become one of the pioneering platforms in the tourism sector by implementing and integrating information from tourism services. The technology created by TravelgateX allows you to make a reservation every 8 seconds and moves more than 3 billion searches per day in the sector of online connections. The company already generates a turnover of 3.2 billion dollars annually.

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