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TGX Academy | Alerts Monitoring App

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In the dynamic landscape of online connectivity, staying ahead of anomalies is paramount. Enter TravelgateX's Alerts Monitoring App – your vigilant companion designed to keep you informed about any hiccups in your connections, enabling you to take immediate action. In this informative post, we unravel the capabilities of the Alerts App, shedding light on its functionalities and how you can harness its power to your advantage.

Understanding the Purpose of Alerts App

Picture a scenario where every connection glitch triggers an immediate alert, allowing you to tackle the issue head-on. This is the essence of TravelgateX's Alerts App. Its primary objective is to swiftly notify you about any irregularities in your connections, enabling you to mitigate potential issues promptly. Whether it's anomaly percentages, traffic spikes, price fluctuations, or Look-to-book (L2B) surges, the Alerts App ensures you're in the loop, ready to take action.

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Accessing the Alerts App

Seamlessly integrating the Alerts App into your workflow is simple. Just log in to your TravelgateX account and navigate to the Apps, there, you'll spot the Alerts App, waiting to be engaged. With a few clicks, you'll unlock a comprehensive monitoring solution that empowers you to proactively manage your connectivity.

Making the Most of Alerts App

The versatility of the Alerts App shines through its customizable business criteria. Whether you're concerned about error percentages, sudden traffic surges, price variations, or L2B increases, you can tailor your alert preferences accordingly. Here's how you can maximize each type of alert:

Status Error Alert:

  • Define the specific error types that warrant your attention.
  • Set the frequency of error status checks.
  • Determine the minimum traffic required to trigger an alert.
  • Select the booking flow steps you need to monitor.
  • Configure your email preferences and notification frequency to ensure timely alerts.

L2B Alert:

  • Specify the error types that concern you.
  • Set the frequency of Look-to-book status checks.
  • Identify the booking flow steps that require monitoring.
  • Personalize your email settings and notification frequency for prompt alerts.

Traffic Peak Alert:

  • Establish the traffic limit that triggers a warning.
  • Choose how often you'd like to assess your traffic limit status.
  • Select the booking flow steps you wish to monitor.
  • Tailor your email preferences and notification schedule to stay in the know.

Resources for Further Exploration:

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