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Top 10 questions businesses ask themselves before joining TravelgateX


TravelgateX is the marketplace of reference enabling travel companies to connect to multiple suppliers of hotel inventory with a single click. Our GraphQL language-based technology has revolutionized XML integrations creating what is the largest network of buyers and sellers for the travel trade in the world. With more than 600 suppliers and 350+ Buyers

, TravelgateX continues to grow, offering its partners unbeatable time to market and absolute focus on connectivity for the travel industry. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about working 

with TravelgateX and connecting our APIs.

I want to become a seller on your platform, how do I go about it?

If you are a supplier of hotel inventory, all you need to do is develop one of our APIs - we offer both pull and push APIs. We offer free support for your development and there are no costs for certification. Contact us for more information!

How can I start buying from the suppliers connected to your platform?

First of all, contact us in order to receive our Onboarding Welcome Pack, where you will find all you need to develop Hotel-X, our Graph-QL based API which will allow you to easily connect to the suppliers you have a contract with. As a Buyer, there are two types of suppliers you can connect to via Travelgate-X:

- Connecting to a Premium Partner is completely free as they assume the connectivity costs. Once you have certified your development, the Premium Partner will request the activation of the connectivity with you.
- Connecting with a Standard Partner: you will be covering the costs for this connectivity, so once you have signed a commercial agreement with us, you can request the activation of the connectivity to any supplier in the Network.

Do you provide backoffice services?

No, we are purely a connectivity platform and therefore our main focus is connectivity. So all the front office and back office functionalities should be managed on the customer’s side.

How does the mapping process work? Do you map the hotels for us?

At TravelgateX, we aim to be 100% transparent, so we always work with the suppliers' native codes. Having said that, we offer an app in Hotel-X which allows you to load your own mapping files into our system so that you will receive your own codes in the response.

Am I going to be able to receive the inventory I contracted with the supplier through you?

Yes, our API enables suppliers to return their full inventory or personalize it for each client.

Do I have to pay for each supplier activation?

Yes, there is a set-up fee for each supplier connected (except Premium Partners).

Can I have a demo?

As we are an API we do not have a demo per se, but you can visit our documentation and check our Playground where you will be able to test all that is possible with Hotel-X.

Do you have any traffic limitations?

Our solution is completely scalable, fault tolerant and 100% optimised for performance. We have it load balanced between 5 different cloud providers for both scalability and availability. We only use no-sql databases (redis) to minimise db overhead. But please bear in mind that suppliers may have their own limitations.

Do I need a commercial agreement with each of the suppliers I want to connect to? 

Yes, before connecting with any of the suppliers integrated on our platform, you should have a commercial agreement with them.

Where can I see an updated list of the buyers and sellers connected to your platform?
Check the following lists, we always keep them updated:
- Buyers:  https://docsend.com/view/bsd8k5n 
- Sellers:  https://docsend.com/view/mv4zqyr 
- Premium Partners:  https://docsend.com/view/thgkxki


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