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TOP 5 Free TravelgateX Apps to accelerate your travel business


The travel industry is highly competitive, and many companies have to negotiate their terms with contracted hotels for the upcoming season. Others need to know industry data in advance to be able to plan, while there are many that need tools to help them optimize, be faster and more competitive. In this post, we want to explain how to make the most of our marketplace with our Top 5 advanced and free applications. 

If you are on TravelgateX, you can't miss the smart traffic applications, which will help improve the performance of your connections and optimize traffic to reduce your L2B ratio.

  • Traffic Optimizer:  Is applied to a particular connection between a Buyer and a specific Seller. It analyses the data collected from all transactions made on our marketplace to identify and block hotels that did not convert the previous day based on different optimization criteria, thus decreasing unnecessary traffic and improving your L2B ratio. Read more in our knowledge base.
  • Speed:  Thanks to this dynamic  cache solution, it is possible to reduce response times on your connections and save up to 80% of the total availability search requests to the Seller's system. Read more about it here.

Once the traffic has been optimized, and continuing with the TOP 5 of applications, we propose the outstanding apps to monitor the performance of your connections.

  • Stats:  Our real-time dashboard provides valuable information about the performance of each of your connections. Filter by type of request (availability search, rating, booking, cancellation and others) and get different information regarding traffic volume, response times, L2B, error rates and more. Here you can see more information.
  • Logging:  Helps you to obtain traces or logs of your transactions in the marketplace. Whether youtournament (1) want to download, retrieve your logs, filter or search for any connection, you can do it through this application. Read on in our knowledge base.
  • Alerts: Configure real time alerts to detect anomalies in your connections. Reacting quickly to possible problems is vital to minimize the negative impact on your business. With the Alerts application, it is easy to set up alerts of different types to warn you when there is an anomaly, without the need to constantly monitor traffic. Here you can see all the information.

    Our recommendation, when implementing any of these applications, is that you do it knowing well your needs. You also have, at your disposal, a team ready to recommend you what best suits your needs. These tools will cover and help you in your lack of traffic, speed, positioning in your reservations to adapt them correctly, this in order to overcome the goals set at the beginning of the year, as well as the new challenges that are yet to come.

    What do I have to do?
    Nothing! Once you are logged into TravelgateX, click APPs and you will find all our apps ready for use.