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TravelgateX announces strategic Partnership with Hopper


TravelgateX, the global travel connections market network, has announced a strategic partnership with Hopper, a global travel platform, poised for impressive growth as demand for travel renews. This new partnership will connect Hopper and its HTS (Hopper Technology Solutions) partners with hotels and hotel chains globally and allow bookings to flow through TravelgateX. 

Hopper aims to leverage TravelgateX's connectivity technology to deliver unique travel booking experiences to users, as well as increase inventory and hotel bookings across continents.

“Partnering with TravelgateX will enable Hopper to provide a more comprehensive travel booking offering across the Hopper platform,” said Gabi Demarco, Director of Supplier Integrations at Hopper. “In turn, TravelgateX inventory will be offered to multiple closed users groups, including young travelers via the Hopper app, as well as bank travel portal users via HTS, the company’s B2B initiative.” 

TravelgateX continues to add value and time-to-market for Hopper through enhancements across travel connections. Luisa Camara, VP Partnerships at TravelgateX said, "We are delighted to be a part of Hopper's success as their trusted connectivity partner, and look forward to helping them through the connections, data and technology of our market network.”


Hopper stands as a global travel platform that underpins the widely-used Hopper mobile app and augments the direct channels of its Hopper Technology Solutions (HTS) partners. At its core, Hopper employs vast data sets to foster transparency, enhance flexibility, and deliver savings to a worldwide traveler base. With a suite of pioneering fintech solutions, Hopper adeptly tackles the complexities of pricing volatility and unexpected trip disruptions. As a testament to its effectiveness, Hopper's platform is utilized by hundreds of millions of travelers, securing an increasing share of the global travel market. The Hopper platform doesn't benefit only consumers; through HTS, Hopper’s B2B initiative, partner direct channels are infused with Hopper’s advanced travel agency capabilities and revolutionary fintech offerings. 

Diving into Hopper’s impressive standing, it is recognized as the third-largest Online Travel Agency (OTA) in North America. The Hopper app has achieved significant market penetration, with over 120 million downloads—evidence of Hopper’s dominance in the industry. Further enhancing its portfolio is Hopper Technology Solutions, which powers bespoke travel portals for enterprise-level partners such as Capital One, and has inked strategic agreements with a variety of entities, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Hopper's savvy use of social media has been pivotal in acquiring customers for its app. 

Additionally, Hopper ensures adherence to price parity on any public portal, maintaining fairness and transparency. Not to be overlooked, the Hopper app appeals particularly to a younger and more adaptable demographic, with an astonishing 70% of its bookings coming from individuals under 30 years old, defining the brand as a go-to choice for the new generation of travelers. Learn more at www.hopper.com

About TravelgateX

TravelgateX, founded in 2012 and based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), provides world-class APIs connecting Buyers and Sellers in the travel industry. With more than 1000 Partners already connected, the company generates over €4.5B in transactions, with 50K+ bookings and 7B searches every day.

TravelgateX is on a mission to democratize the travel industry and ensure that great connectivity is available to any company, no matter how big or small, online or offline, anywhere in the world.  Learn more at www.travelgate.com


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