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TravelgateX launches HotelDirect-X, a solution that connects hotels and distribution channels

TravelgateX, the worldwide B2B tourism connections marketplace, launches a tool that lets hotels connect with various distribution channels to sell their products directly, with immediate payment. This innovation could revolutionise the sector by providing solutions and increasing B2B travel business. 

Every new advance counts in the hotel distribution race. Especially if its purpose is to facilitate the connection process when faced with a complex commercial problem. This goes for hotels as well as every distribution channel there is, such as OTAs. Simplifying the process is far from being a dream or long-term goal and has been an industry challenge for a long time.

The reason is simple: hotel distribution is particularly complicated. It takes time and requires many and varied forms of development. In this case, being able to benefit from an API that can simplify connections is certainly what will best help increase sales.

HotelDirect-X is a tool that lets the hotelier control who sells their hotel rooms as well as those who distribute them, as quickly as possible and without any effort on connections.

The first to launch and test HotelDirect-X:   Ole Fisker (TravelgateX), Víctor Sánchez (Hotetec), Ricard Cerdà (Eix Hoteles), Jose Díaz (TravelgateX), Bruno Träthaug (LoveHolidays).
The first to launch and test HotelDirect-X: Ole Fisker (TravelgateX), Víctor Sánchez (Hotetec), Ricard Cerdà (Eix Hoteles), Jose Díaz (TravelgateX), Bruno Träthaug (LoveHolidays).

The payments will initially be made through VCC (Virtual Credit Card) and new, innovative and most importantly cost-effective payment methods will be introduced gradually.

The prices will be retail prices (customer prices) set by the hotel and also the commission. This is meant to accelerate access to content by eliminating contracting times and giving back the freedom to the hotels to set their price – and the commission to pay.

“We often find that hotels don’t know who they sell their rooms to, or that OTAs have the same product offered by many distributors. We believe this tool can be used to add transparency in the sector in a fast, scalable and secure way”, says Ole Fisker, Unit Director HotelDirect-X

HotelDirect-X for distribution channels

For online travel agencies, A.K.A. OTAs, HotelDirectX increases the portfolio of hotels contracted directly by these platforms, thanks to:

  • Direct access to last-minute rooms available at the hotels as well as their specific discounts.
  • Absence of additional developments or contracting teams. 
  • No need to negotiate or sign contracts with every hotel that can access the platform. 
  • Testing of new products.

HotelDirect-X for hotels

Regardless of whether it is a chain or an individual property, a normal day at a hotel has a different focus than room sales. These days there is no accommodation option worth its name that does not take the comfort of its guests into account together with the possibility for them to choose unique experiences at competitive prices. Marketing the accommodation is an ultimate need that must be added to the process and this translates into helping entrepreneurs to be able to focus instead on providing that little extra that every customer expects. 

This reality is what HotelDirectX is a solution to, offering direct, free access with real benefits, such as:

  • Faster and more direct marketing. 
  • Greater transparency and control over your own product, with simple payment processes. 
  • Absence of contracts with every OTA and tedious activation processes. 
  • Possibility to explore new customers. 

TravelgateX will work with premium suppliers, thus opening the door to direct-sales buyers. It will be similar to a Booking.com focused on B2B with alternative payment methods, such as virtual cards and other innovative methods.

“At the moment, the volume of business is unpredictable, but we hope that TravelgateX will be able to add value based on all the technology we can offer as online connection specialists”, concludes José Díaz, Chief Commercial Officer at TravelgateX.