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TravelgateX & Skift join forces to analyze the travel market and help players to be one step ahead through data

skift - travelgatex

Data analysis is an essential part of the travel industry. TravelgateX and Skift are joining forces to better understand where the market is heading and help make better decisions. 

Wouter Geerts, Head of Research Skift Reports explained the initiative saying: "we are thrilled that TravelgateX has joined the Skift Travel Health Index, to further strengthen our insights into the health of the lodging sector. Skift Research has provided a near real-time analysis of the travel industry performance since the start of the pandemic, and it is thanks to data partners like TravelgateX that we can continue with this effort. Whether it´s  the impact of the pandemic is waning, the war in Ukraine, the reopening of China, the high inflation or a possible recession, they all impact the travel industry, and the data from TravelgateX is invaluable in tracking how this unfolds, and to ensure that the industry can stay a step ahead. We would like to thank TravelgateX for their commitment and thought leadership."

The data TravelgateX will provide for these reports comes from every single transaction between "buyers" and "sellers" of hotel services operating through TravelgateX worldwide. Currently, this data source translates into 30,000 daily bookings and more than 4.5 billion searches a day.

Ivan Font, chief of strategy TravelgateX said, "Our aim is to become the standard for B2B distribution, and we will only achieve this by helping our clients grow their number of connections to other partners, improve their connectivity performance and by helping them gain key insights of their performance and of our market ecosystem. We are therefore very excited about this collaboration with Skift".