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TravelgateX Trends 2021

We're happy to report a steady recovery in the industry - we're seeing some good movement for that winter sun destinations Dubai, Mexico and Florida. We have visualized the movements in the 5 booked destinations, which destinations have grown the most and which places travellers will visit next April.The data reflects interesting movements, new locations thanks to the information in the data.
The information that you can find in this graph is related to most booked destinations in our market share. Also, Destinations that have grown the most (%) in YoY bookings January 2021, most reserved destinations and nationalities that have reserved the most for arrival date 1-30 April 2021.

  • 5 Most Booked Destinations: Florida, Dubai, Nevada, California, Estado de Quintana.
  • 5 Destinations that have grown the most (%) in YoY bookings (Jan 2021): New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado, Virginia.
  • 5 Most reserved destinations arrival date 1-30 April: Florida, Nevada, Estado de Quintana, Canary Islands, Dubai.
  • 5 Nationalities that have reserved the most for arrival date 1-30 April: GB, US, ES, BR, FR
Working on the intelligent customization of any product is the current challenge of many companies, especially those in the tourism sector. That’s why TravelgateX has developed Insights-X. A tool that helps companies in the tourism sector to know in advance how the market moves.

report On the Insights-X website, you can see all the transactions as well as the amount of data collected daily: more than 2,000 million searches per day, more than 20,000 daily bookings and 2TB of data analyzed per day. Thanks to this large volume of data, Insights-X puts at your disposal a competitive analysis so that any company can see its position in the market, detect new opportunities and carry out improvements to grow their business.


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