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Working with Channel Managers: Benefits & Features

Channel Managers

Direct cooperation with channel managers can be a complex and time-consuming process for OTAs, bedbanks or wholesalers. However, with TravelgateX, it's never been easier! TravelgateX seamlessly connects you to all the major channel managers, empowering you to focus on your contracting while reaping numerous benefits. By leveraging TravelgateX, you can access the best rates and availability directly from hotels, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

One of the primary advantages of using TravelgateX is the significant increase in bookings you can achieve by capitalizing on the power of channel managers. Through TravelgateX, you gain access to hard-to-beat rates you can negotiate according to your needs, allowing you to secure the most favorable pricing from hotels or local providers. This means you can offer your customers highly competitive prices, attracting more bookings and outperforming your competitors.

Want to expand your business and contract directly with more hotels

Just check our Network and filter all available channel managers, detailing destination if you are interested in a particular one to improve your portfolio:

DMC TravelgateX

Once you have selected your Channel Managers, you just need to get in touch with them (we can introduce you!), so that you may explore their available properties in order to get in touch with them and negotiate your direct contracts with their properties interesting for you: 

Channel Manager

Once you have hotels to be connected via Channel managers, they will provide you with credentials to request a New Connection with their channel manager via our TGX site, you will set up your rate types and provide the hotel room and rate codes to be mapped on their end. That's all!  

Channel Manager

TravelgateX also enables you to distribute your own contracted product globally. With TravelgateX's robust connectivity to channel managers, you can effortlessly expand your reach to a wide network of potential customers around the world. By utilizing TravelgateX, you can showcase your inventory and contracted rates to a global audience, expanding your market presence and driving business growth.

As your business grows, TravelgateX ensures that your direct stock grows with it. With TravelgateX's seamless integration with channel managers, you can easily manage and update your inventory in real-time. This ensures that your stock remains up-to-date and accurately reflects the availability of rooms and rates, providing a smooth booking experience for your customers. Channel Manager

In addition to its numerous benefits, TravelgateX offers user-friendly features designed to enhance your experience. Its intuitive user interface (UI) makes it easy for you and your contracting team to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. TGX also provides a dedicated inventory management area in the back-office, offering a centralized hub for managing and monitoring your inventory.

In conclusion, TravelgateX revolutionizes the way wholesalers, OTAs or DMCs work with channel managers, simplifying inventory management and offering a wide range of benefits. By utilizing TGX, you can maximize your bookings, secure unbeatable rates, expand your global distribution, establish quick connections, and enjoy user-friendly features. Embrace TravelgateX today to streamline your channel manager collaborations and boost your business's success.