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4 key points to consider when requesting a new connection on TravelgateX

New Connection

We want to make your connection easier and faster! That's why we offer you 4 easy ways to scale and activate a new connection in our marketplace. 

Activate your credentials with the Buyer

Make sure all your credentials are active. A common mistake is to request activation with credentials not activated by the Buyer, which prevents the automatic workflow from working and delays delivery time.  Check that all credentials are active and fully operational before starting the process. 

Verify credentials with Buyer

Sometimes the information provided is not correct, preventing the automation from being successful. In these cases, we suggest verifying with the Buyer that they have the correct information in each field. You can also contact our Customer Service team if you find that the requested fields are not correct.

Commercial agreement with a Partner

Requesting activation through our connection form should be the final step to connect a new partner. Make sure you have an agreement with the partner and that the credentials are set up before requesting the connection.

Other tips from our Activations team

  • In case you are a Buyer, please verify that the information we set up for your connection is correct. Go to our website, then click on "My connections"-->"New connection". All the information you need is there! 
  • If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team for any discrepancies or improvements, they will be able to help you!
  • Sometimes the credentials provided are active, but only for certain methods, such as downloading static content or performing searches. Please verify that the credentials provided are fully functional before requesting activation.
  • Name your access! When requesting a new activation, you have the possibility to customize the login name. This is very useful when it comes to differentiate between multiple credentials with the same partner (B2B and B2C access, for example). 

By following these tips, you are helping us to connect you with your Partner faster!


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