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Travel Traffic Optimizer
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Improving efficiency and maximizing integration performance

3/11/24 4:47 PM

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic commercial environment, optimizing integrations with our Partners emerges as a fundamental pillar to enhance operational efficiency and stimulate business growth. By adopting a strategic approach to the analysis and management of these connections, we are able to generate a tangible and direct impact on their performance, promoting efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in our interactions.

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easyJet Holidays & TravelgateX
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EasyJet and TravelgateX: A connectivity collaboration revolutionizing travel

2/26/24 11:04 AM

The partnership between easyJet holidays, the fastest growing european tour operator, and TravelgateX, was a masterstroke in easyJet holidays’ strategic expansion and service enhancement. The focus was unambiguous: to broaden their accommodation inventory and secure greater availability in their holiday packages. By opting for TravelgateX and its connectivity platform, easyJet holidays managed to implement a comprehensive commercial solution that would revolutionize its dynamic pricing approach and relationship with hotel providers.

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Channel Managers
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Save time and money with Channel Managers via TravelgateX

2/26/24 7:22 AM

It's no secret that differentiation and positioning in the distribution world can give your business a competitive edge.
How can TravelgateX help you achieve this? Direct contracting and the use of various Channel Managers are key. TravelgateX offers you a wide range of solutions to connect with the sector's top Channel Managers, saving you time and money. That's why in 2024 we are committed to better advising our clients about the different connection options they can utilize for their direct contracting.

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TravelgateX at Huawei Cloud Paris 2023

11/16/23 11:44 AM

TravelgateX at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS: Connecting the world of travel on a global scale

HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS has kicked off, and at this leading technology summit, TravelgateX was honored to participate and be represented by Iñaki Fuentes, COO of TravelgateX. During his speech, Fuentes shared key insights into the workings of TravelgateX connections, highlighting their crucial role in the global travel industry.

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Pedro Camara en Phocus
Categories: News, Corporate

TravelgateX CEO participates in a prestigious panel discussion at Phocuswright Europe 2023

5/29/23 4:03 PM

Phocuswright Europe 2023 is just around the corner, and it is poised to be an event that will shape the future of the hospitality industry. Against the vibrant backdrop of Barcelona, this gathering will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators to explore the latest trends and insights driving the evolution of travel and hospitality.

One of the highly anticipated highlights of the event is the panel discussion on "Lodging Transformed." Speakers including Pedro Camara, Founder and CEO of TravelgateX, Vanessa de Souza Lage, Founder and CEO of Sustonica, Sebastien Leitner, Vice President of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, Giancarlo Carniani, Managing Director of ToFlorence Hotels, and a market analyst from Italy Phocuswright will share their valuable perspectives on the ongoing changes in the industry and their impact on the lodging sector.

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Increase your sales by partnering with TravelgateX DMCs

10/19/22 7:41 AM

Did you know that at TravelgateX marketplace you can interact with more than 200 DMC’s?

This allows you to increase your potential exponentially in just a few clicks. These companies know better than anyone their destinations and are therefore one of the best partners to have if you want to offer a combination of great, limited and niche products worldwide.

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