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What are the favourite destinations for Europeans this Christmas 2019?

12/5/19 1:45 PM

Here comes Christmas. Lights, Christmas carols, Christmas goodies and street markets flood the main European cities, and there are many who take advantage of the holidays to get a break from the daily routine and go travelling. As a couple, with friends or even with the entire family: more and more Europeans look to destinations outside their own country to enjoy these last days of the year.
If we look at the numbers offered by Insights-X from TravelgateX when it comes to Christmas holiday reservations made by the Spanish, English, French and Italians, we can see that the places we prefer to escape to when celebrating these special days at the end of the year are, in this order: the Canary Islands, England and New York.

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10 keys to understanding the awakening of Chinese tourism

11/28/19 9:11 AM

China is a giant, and since waking up it has left its mark on the tourism sector. The increase in per capita income, greater flexibility in visas and greater connectivity with flights throughout the country has made China the largest tourist origin country in the world. 

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