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Business Intelligence tools revolutionise tourism

Being able to understand your clients perfectly means you can anticipate their needs and give them what they want most of all before anyone else does. This phrase perfectly sums up the current reality of the travel sector and its future challenges because – like it or not – if there is no data, there is no business in this era of information and communication.

All technological revolutions tend to come laden with benefits but let us not kid ourselves: they also involve a process of change and adaptation that is not always easy. Because data can often be cumbersome and complex, and data on its own tells us nothing: we have to work with the information, analyse it, interpret it. 
Luckily there are tools in place these days that allow us to automate these processes and make our work easier by simply launching an information request. That is the main function of Business Intelligence tools such as Insights X by TravelgateX.
Specifically designed to analyse the tourism sector, Insights-X offers an accurate market analysis in record time, without having to manually process all the data handled by the company. This is a competitive advantage of such magnitude that we have decided to put it at the service of all our clients in order to let our partners (whether they are sellers or buyers) get specific information on their position on the market, about their competitors and their suppliers and customers.

Improve sales

Created as a data tool for B2B travel businesses, the information offered by Insights-X has a clear goal: to increase our partners’ sales volume. To do so, it offers data that in turn give us keys to “improve the performance and the experience of buying and selling through the TravelgateX platform”, in the words of Patricia Domínguez, head of department.
But the great value of Insights-X lies in the ability to contrast data from millions of transactions and information generated on the B2B tourism connection market.

Can you imagine having to process more than 20,000 reservations and 3,000 million searches every day? Well, it is humanly impossible. That is why we created Insights-X.

What is behind the data?
When we speak of data in TravelgateX we go beyond Big Data (volume of data and their transfer speed) and we focus on Smart Data, based on intelligent use of the data required to reach a specific goal. That is, our tool Insights-X is specifically created to help tourism companies in their decision-making process in order to create a path of action towards success.
Get to know your customer in detail. Discover trends. Track the competition, the demand, the new business niches, ADR, reservations… Analysing this data provides privileged information when it comes to reinforcing the weak points of a business, and it also helps companies to discover opportunities that others have disregarded.