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TravelgateX launches Status to monitor the status of applications in real time

TravelgateX optimizes its status website so that customers and suppliers can monitor in real time the status of their API applications and services.

Stats page TravelgateX. Overview.

On the TravelgateX status website you can see the current status of the products in real time, and if you so wish, it allows you to subscribe to any of the two notification methods that it incorporates: RSS or mail.

The notifications that will reach the users will be related to:

  • Degradation incidents or service drops.
  • Maintenance.
  • Updates on incidents.
  • Resolution of the incidents.

The development team at TravelgateX has completed this project using different developments and with the help of external apps such as Status Cake.

In the different service tabs such as Hotel-X, Hotel, Push, Website and Others you can see the Overview, metrics, response time, recent events etc; in addition, you have the possibility of accessing support and subscription contact via mail.  The TravelgateX status website is public, any employee, customer, supplier or partner can view it. It is divided into two parts, a dashboard of status applications and services, and a notifications board where you can all see previous published events.

 The importance of having this type of website is for users and customers to be automatically notified via email or RSS and in turn, allow members to view this information in a better structured and descriptive way. This also allows you to check and monitor the resolution given by the technical team of TravelgateX.

In this way, if there is a loss of a page or service, Status will notify the subscribed users indicating to them what the incident is and the affected products. This new page allows TravelgateX to be transparent with services, as well as agile and efficient with real-time information.