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TravelgateX: Boosting Connections at Madrid's FITUR 2024

11/30/23 10:58 AM

TravelgateX debuts at FITUR 2024 with an innovative stand in Madrid, showcasing its marketplace and networking opportunities to fuel business growth.

Annually, managing 6.5 billion hotel searches globally, TravelgateX stands out as a leader in the tourism connection industry. Also, with more than 40,000 daily hotel bookings, it demonstrates a positive impact on the market. Boasting over 1,000 partners, it shows a capacity for fostering successful associations in the industry with a business volume of over 3.5 trillion dollars.

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TravelgateX at Huawei Cloud Paris 2023

11/16/23 11:44 AM

TravelgateX at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS: Connecting the world of travel on a global scale

HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS has kicked off, and at this leading technology summit, TravelgateX was honored to participate and be represented by Iñaki Fuentes, COO of TravelgateX. During his speech, Fuentes shared key insights into the workings of TravelgateX connections, highlighting their crucial role in the global travel industry.

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5 Advantages of Joining TravelgateX for DMCs

10/11/23 9:18 AM

Are you a Destination Management Company (DMC) looking to expand your offerings and attract more clients? Look no further! Joining TravelgateX can provide you with a wide range of benefits that will enhance your business and help you stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will explore five advantages of joining TravelgateX for DMCs.

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Nurturing Excellence: The Journey as COO of TravelgateX

10/2/23 8:53 AM

From my first day as COO at TravelgateX, I've viewed our mission through a simple lens: it's not just about innovation, but about making a meaningful difference. Today, we have an opportunity – an opportunity to set a gold standard for excellence, to be a beacon for the industry. And it's a journey we're on together.

The travel sector, with all its nuances and intricacies, has been a learning curve, yet it's in these complexities that I've found clarity. Harnessing technology, particularly AI, for the travel industry hasn't just been about advancement, but about creating experiences that matter, solutions that resonate.

My time as a Chief Information Officer wasn't just about technology and strategy; it was about people. Every technological stride, every strategic decision was taken with a single thought: How does this make life better for our team, our partners, our stakeholders? Because at the end of the day, it's people who drive innovation, who turn challenges into opportunities.

And as we look to the future, as TravelgateX aims to scale new heights, it's imperative we remember our core: our values, our team, our commitment to excellence. I believe in the power of collaboration, in the strength of unity, and in the potential of every individual in our fold. Let's continue to innovate, inspire, and together, make a difference.

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Pedro Camara en Phocus
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TravelgateX CEO participates in a prestigious panel discussion at Phocuswright Europe 2023

5/29/23 4:03 PM

Phocuswright Europe 2023 is just around the corner, and it is poised to be an event that will shape the future of the hospitality industry. Against the vibrant backdrop of Barcelona, this gathering will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators to explore the latest trends and insights driving the evolution of travel and hospitality.

One of the highly anticipated highlights of the event is the panel discussion on "Lodging Transformed." Speakers including Pedro Camara, Founder and CEO of TravelgateX, Vanessa de Souza Lage, Founder and CEO of Sustonica, Sebastien Leitner, Vice President of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, Giancarlo Carniani, Managing Director of ToFlorence Hotels, and a market analyst from Italy Phocuswright will share their valuable perspectives on the ongoing changes in the industry and their impact on the lodging sector.

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