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TravelgateX at Huawei Cloud Paris 2023


TravelgateX at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS: Connecting the world of travel on a global scale

HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS has kicked off, and at this leading technology summit, TravelgateX was honored to participate and be represented by Iñaki Fuentes, COO of TravelgateX. During his speech, Fuentes shared key insights into the workings of TravelgateX connections, highlighting their crucial role in the global travel industry.

In his presentation, Iñaki Fuentes discussed how TravelgateX acts as a one-stop solution for buyers and sellers in the travel market. He explained in detail how the connections on TravelgateX facilitate interaction and transactions between the different players in the industry, providing a solid platform that drives global trade in the travel sector.

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One of the highlights of the talk was the pivotal role of TravelgateX in connectivity. The COO of TravelgateX described how the platform ensures efficient and seamless connectivity, enabling industry players to make the most of business opportunities.

In addition, TravelgateX's commitment to support both buyers and sellers was highlighted. Iñaki Fuentes emphasised the importance of providing solid support to the platform's users, ensuring they have access to comprehensive services and assistance to ensure smooth and successful transactions.

Iñaki Fuentes also shared significant data on the volume of transactions on the TravelgateX marketplace, underlining the impact and relevance of the platform in the global travel landscape.

Huawei and TravelgateX

Speaking at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS, Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, expressed her gratitude to customers and partners for their continued support of Huawei Cloud's growth in Europe. She highlighted the company's commitment to creating value for the region, underlining the importance of building a strong ecosystem and empowering European enterprises to grow globally through the cloud.

Tim Tao, President of Huawei Cloud Europe, presented a keynote speech detailing Huawei Cloud's significant progress in the region over the past year. Notable achievements included the expansion of Huawei Cloud's presence in Ireland and Turkey, as well as substantial growth in customer base and successful collaboration with startups in the region.

Huawei and TravelgateX

In one example of a successful partnership, Travelgate, a leading online travel network, teamed up with Huawei Cloud to build a cloud-native architecture with high availability, performance and scalability. This success story highlights Huawei Cloud's ability to deliver solutions that drive efficiency and service quality in the travel industry.

Huawei Cloud proposed three key measures to empower more customers for digital, intelligence, and business excellence. These include building excellence teams, implementing excellence models tailored to unique business scenarios, and building excellence platforms through premium services and a strong local ecosystem.

The event concluded with the launch of the Huawei Cloud Startup Program for Europe and the "Go Cloud, Grow Cloud" Partner Program, evidencing Huawei Cloud's continued commitment to fostering end-to-end collaboration with European startups and partners to achieve shared success.


Iñaki Fuentes, COO TravelgateX

In summary, TravelgateX's participation at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS, represented by Iñaki Fuentes, COO of TravelgateX, underlines the platform's crucial role in revolutionising and strengthening the global travel industry, as Huawei Cloud continues to lead the digital transformation in Europe and collaborate with innovative companies to build a sustainable digital future.