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A 2020 full of new goals for TravelgateX

12/30/19 8:53 AM

After collecting the traditional New Year grapes and buying bags of favours for all the team members, TravelgateX activates the bye-bye-2019 mode, ready to release the 2020 agenda with more enthusiasm, desire and projects than ever. In what will be the “year of the golden rat” or “the year of great luck” according to the Chinese calendar, there will be lots of challenges, goals and events that will mark a before and after for our company.
Starting a new year means getting a move on, filling up on positive energy and growing. This is exactly what we will do during the coming twelve months: grow and expand. To do so, we will rely on our philosophy of always offering the best (as far as tourism connectivity is concerned) and the infallible equation of “buying improvement to sell better“. 

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How do digital connections work in the tourism industry?

12/23/19 10:47 AM

We all agree that without internet it would be impossible to imagine a tourism industry like the present one. With the emergence of the network of networks and new technologies, the work tourist agents do has been made so much simpler, but it has also been perfected, and business niches hitherto unthinkable have appeared.
But this ‘magic’ is not just due to the existence of the internet. There is a secret ingredient, and that ingredient is what really makes this new medium a pillar of the tourism industry. We are talking about digital connections (also known as integrations). They make all the information highways work perfectly, without sinkholes, without jams, without interruptions.

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Meet some of our 2019 Summer Premium Partners

8/8/19 2:53 PM

At TravelgateX, we believe that together we can be more successful in business. That’s why we’ve created this community of premium partners. Whether you’re looking for help to grow your business or the perfect long-term partnership, TravelgateX marketplace has the resources and the expertise you need to achieve more with the right tools.

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Essential sponsors for an epic CON-X 2019

6/7/19 11:01 AM

Sponsors are a fundamental part of any event, so we want to make a special mention in this post to those who have helped us create the first TravelgateX conference in Mallorca. We’re thankful for the trust they’ve put into our team, in the hard work, and that has made possible Con-X 2019.

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