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EasyJet and TravelgateX: A connectivity collaboration revolutionizing travel

easyJet Holidays & TravelgateX

The partnership between easyJet holidays, the fastest growing european tour operator, and TravelgateX, was a masterstroke in easyJet holidays’ strategic expansion and service enhancement. The focus was unambiguous: to broaden their accommodation inventory and secure greater availability in their holiday packages. By opting for TravelgateX and its connectivity platform, easyJet holidays managed to implement a comprehensive commercial solution that would revolutionize its dynamic pricing approach and relationship with hotel providers.

Roy Stratford, Head of Commercial at EasyJet, shares his insights: "Integrating with TravelgateX has been pivotal in enhancing our efficiency and reach. It has allowed us to go above and beyond, connecting us with key suppliers and offering a wider and more competitive range of accommodations for our customers." This strategic move has translated into an optimized approach that has redefined the booking experience for their customers, strengthening their market standing. 

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The resilient service capability that TravelgateX has provided to easyJet holidays deserves special mention. The Head of Commercial emphasizes: "The robustness and the system's flexibility to adapt to new enhancements have been impressive. Each request is handled with a meticulous approach and prompt response, something we truly value." This timely assistance has been crucial in tackling EasyJet's unique challenges, enabling them to stay at the forefront in a highly competitive market.

The visionary collaboration between easyJet holidays and TravelgateX is a testament to success derived from innovation and joint adaptability. easyJet holidays’ recommendation of TravelgateX is not by chance, but the outcome of a proven relationship based on mutual growth and trust. "I would certainly recommend TravelgateX as a partner," assures Roy. "Not only have we achieved our immediate goals, but we have also laid the groundwork for future expansion and evolution."


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