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A note from our CEO

Pedro Camara, CEO TravelgateX

Travelgate is acutely aware of the pressure that the last year has put on all of us. The global unrest caused by the pandemic has had an impact on all of us - personally and professionally. 

The direction TravelgateX is heading towards is one that takes us closer to our mission of democratizing the travel industry. We are building a customer-obsessed marketplace, a single entry point in which all Partners are able to leverage the best technology - be it inhouse or third party - to grow their businesses. No matter how big or small your travel company is, no matter where you are located in the world, Travelgate makes it possible for you to expand your distribution network and get connected.

It feels like the right time to look back at what we have been busy building and share a bit of where we are going. It’s been a wild 18 months! We’ve changed help desk providers, implemented an automated ticket prioritisation system, built a knowledge base from scratch, released a generic API so any suppliers interested in connecting to the marketplace wouldn’t be affected by the diminished resources caused by the pandemic. 

But it is through our App that our vision of a fully automated, data driven, customer centric marketplace is coming to life. Easily accessible via our website, the App is a place for our Partners to trade, meet and grow. Once logged in, you can:

  • Select and activate a new Partner automatically 
  • Manage existing connections, including opening and closing feeds
  • Access features such as a real time connections' dashboard & logs manager
  • Open, view and manage tech support issues 
  • View, refresh & manage the static content of your connections (in beta)
  • Data driven insights fully customized to each of our Partners - from suggestions of new connections based on trading patterns to insights on the performance of your connectivities, we aim to give you access to all the data you need to make decisions.
  • Coming soon: configurable alerts for your connections, onboarding tutorial, self-serve automatic traffic optimizer, third-party open marketplace and much more. Stay tuned!

I’m very proud of the work the team has done. I am also extremely grateful to each and every one of our Partners, who have been patiently bearing with us as we make the changes necessary to make this vision a reality. Our reality.

Transparency is the key driver to all we do, and being able to hear your feedback is essential. I urge you to visit our TGX Community, a place where you can learn more about our releases, share your ideas, and leave your suggestions. A great marketplace is built by the people using it. #strongertogether