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Billing TravelgateX
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Billing and the ongoing credit crisis in travel mid and post Covid-19

7/1/21 7:37 AM

You’ve heard the answer to the following question countless times, likely more than your fair share at that: “Where were you when the Government declared a state of alarm and enforced the first national lockdown?” Much like our names, job titles and compelling 30 second cocktail-party propositions, many of us - through sheer necessity at times - have scripted those very uncertain days of our lives into the all too classic “elevator pitch”.

With particular respect to the travel industry, and second to the above question, you’re probably still getting the “How has it been for you guys, that side?” question. The business equivalent of “what’s your star sign?” - the answer to this question could bear significance (“are these guys about to sink?”) Or could mean absolutely nothing - if the answer is we are growing and doing well.

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TeamX tech
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5 Funny Things Developers Can Do That Nobody Else Can

5/31/21 11:30 AM

Whenever you talk about the IT department to someone from a tech company, the first thing that they’ll do is brag about their team, especially about their developers. The thing is, the world seems to treat developers like superheroes and let’s be honest here — most of the time they are. But let’s just say that they also can do funny things that nobody else can. That’s why today we’re highlighting five of them. Ready?

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TeamX: Meet Elisa Ripoll

5/26/21 11:23 AM

Elisa Ripoll García works as Customer Care Manager in one of TravelgateX's crucial departments. Her team is responsible for managing our Help Center, and interacts very closely with all our Partners as well as with our engineering and product teams. Eli has a positive, happy-go-lucky outlook on life, an eye for detail and a fantastic customer centric attitude. 

- Eli, tell us more about how you came to be at Travelgate and what the company means to you.
A friend of mine recommended the company, and I applied for a job here. The team at TGX are always willing to lend a hand, regardless of their specialization,  it's a company in which humbleness and camaraderie thrive.

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 Tourism Industry Recovery
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Is China Leading the Tourism Industry Recovery?

5/11/21 10:22 AM

In March 2020, Covid-19 slashed travel demand worldwide, people had to stay home and could only dream about travelling when the situation got better. China was the first place to suffer these consequences. The country started the lockdown in January 2020 but now it seems China is leading tourism recovery. About 200 million trips were expected to be made across the mainland for the past Labour Day holiday.

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Las reservas de viajes en España tras el fin del estado de alarma

5/7/21 9:15 AM

En tan solo dos días decaerá el Estado de Alarma decretado en octubre para controlar la pandemia en España. Con él, la mayoría de los cierres perimetrales y toques de queda. Los gobiernos autonómicos se preparan para este escenario y varios confían en poder levantar restricciones. Ante este nuevo escenario, el equipo de Insights-X de TravelgateX, aporta los siguientes datos de movimientos turísticos ante un nuevo escenario en el país. Para ello, ha comparado los datos de la semana 29 de abril al 5 de mayo de 2021 vs. la semana previa (22 al 28 de abril de 2021) y la misma de hace dos años (29 de abril al 5 de mayo de 2019). Como principales conclusiones: 

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