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Sebastien Leitner, VP of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, talks about expanding hotel distribution with TravelgateX Partnership


Cloudbeds and TravelgateX have a strengthened connection to easily enable  Buyers to access a global network of accommodation providers. Sebastien Leitner, VP of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, discusses the collaboration with TravelgateX and how it has helped them expand the distribution reach of their properties, driving an increase in reservations. 

- Tell us about your business - what does it do?

- Cloudbeds is the platform that powers hospitality, enabling tens of thousands of lodging businesses in more than 150 countries worldwide to grow and thrive. We bring together technology solutions to increase revenue, delight guests, and streamline operations into a single unified system, enhanced by a curated marketplace of third-party integrations. Our solution combines a PMS and Channel Manager into one powerful platform for independent properties to fully control their distribution strategy.

- Who are your customers, and what are they looking for?

- Our customers cover the whole spectrum of independent lodging. From hotels in Miami or Las Vegas to beachside villas in Spain and hotels in Thailand. Depending on things like their size, location, property type and guests they want to attract, they are looking at Cloudbeds to offer them a variety of distribution channels that best suit their needs and enable them to maximize reservations.

- What kind of providers do you connect your channel manager to?

- At present, we offer one of the largest ranges of connections in the market with over 300 channels enabled globally. We are a preferred partner for major OTAs but also connect to many region-specific channels and other niche channels (e.g. surf, ski).

- What made you decide to use TravelgateX and how does our solution help you address specific challenges you are facing?

- We really value TravelgateX’s huge network of Buyers that is readily available for us to access and enable our hoteliers to connect to. TravelgateX aims to address a huge challenge in the industry around API integrations which can be very slow and expensive endeavors. This partnership enables Buyers to connect to Cloudbeds and, by extension, our connected properties very smoothly. 

- How can partners connect to you via TravelgateX?

- We welcome Buyers from the TravelgateX network to contact Cloudbeds for a connection. For partners to connect to us, they need to be connected to TravelgateX for PUSH.