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CON-X 2024: Bas Lemmens on innovation and collaboration in travel technology

Travel industry expert Bas Lemmens, President EMEA at Hotelplanner and speaker at CON-X 2024, emphasizes the crucial role of technology and collaboration for success in today's travel landscape.

Lemmens highlights the ever-increasing demands of consumers, accustomed to the seamless experience provided by apps like iPhones. He argues that travel companies, including Hotelplanner and Expedia, need to leverage technology companies to serve these demanding customers better.

Innovation is Key to Survival

Lemmens stresses the importance of constant innovation, stating, "There's no balance. I think you have to keep innovating. If you don't innovate, you die." He points to the struggles of traditional companies that fail to adapt, highlighting the need for increased revenue per employee.

Collaboration is the Answer

However, Lemmens acknowledges that companies don't have to shoulder the innovation burden alone. He advocates for collaboration, suggesting partnerships with companies like TravelgateX, known for their channel management and supply-demand analysis expertise. This allows travel companies to leverage existing strengths and make data-driven decisions.

CON-X: A Celebration of Collaboration

Lemmens is enthusiastic about CON-X 2024, praising it as "one of the best events ever organized." He acknowledges the recent acquisition of Travelgate but emphasizes the importance of preserving the company's spirit and focus on travel technology. Lemmens believes the travel industry can thrive in the years to come by fostering collaboration and innovation.