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CON-X 2024: Embracing the future of travel: Insights from easyJet Holidays' Paul Bixby

At CON-X 2024, Paul Bixby, speaker and CCO of easyJet Holidays, shared his enthusiastic vision for the future of the travel industry. Bixby's insights reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of travel today, offering a glimpse into the opportunities and challenges ahead.

“We live in an exciting time; travel is an expanding market,” Bixby began. The recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed vitality to the travel sector. As capacity returns, consumers find themselves with a wealth of options, marking a period of growth and opportunity. “It’s a great time for consumers because there’s so much choice,” Bixby added, emphasizing the positive impact of this expansion on travellers.

The role of innovation and technology

Innovation and technology are central themes at CON-X, and Bixby highlighted their importance in driving the industry forward. “Innovation is key to what we’re talking about here regarding technology and automation,” he noted. However, he also stressed the need for balance: “We’ve got to make sure we don’t try and do everything at once and balance that with the needs of our employees, shareholders, and customers.”

Bixby underscored the importance of delivering precise solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders. “What we don’t want to end up with is a plethora of exciting things that don’t serve the exact needs of your stakeholders,” he cautioned, advocating for a targeted approach to innovation.

Networking and new developments

Reflecting on his experience at CON-X 2024, Bixby expressed his appreciation for the event’s collaborative atmosphere. “It’s great to have like-minded people here,” he said. The conference provided a valuable platform for exploring new technological developments and discussing how these advancements can propel companies forward. “It’s great to understand the new technology developments happening within the industry and how we can advance our companies,” Bixby remarked.

Looking to the future

In closing, Bixby was enthusiastic about the future, noting that increased capital investment and growth are on the horizon. Regarding TravelSoft's acquisition of TravelgateX he explained, ‘This is inspiring news, it means more capital investment and more growth in a business that has already performed very well over the last few years,’ he concluded.  Paul Bixby’s reflections at CON-X 2024 paint a promising picture of the travel industry’s future. With a focus on innovation, stakeholder needs, and collaborative growth, easyJet Holidays and other industry leaders are poised to navigate the evolving landscape successfully. As Bixby emphasized, it’s an exciting time to be part of the travel industry, and the opportunities ahead are vast and varied.