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Impressions of GopherCon 2023 in Berlin

GopHer Conference

Attending GopherCon was an enriching experience! During the conference, we had the opportunity to attend several interesting talks, but there are two in particular that we would like to highlight.

The first conference titled "Go Right Ahead! Simple Hacks To Cut Memory Usage by 80%" piqued our curiosity from the beginning, as we personally enjoy topics that deal with optimization. The speaker, Yiscah Levy, started with a brief recap on the importance of optimizing projects in terms of scalability, reliability, cost reduction, and user experience. She then shared some tips for optimizing memory usage.

For example, she talked about how field alignment in structures affects memory. She emphasized the importance of declaring the correct size when creating slices. She also discussed the reusability of goroutines, emphasizing the need to properly manage memory usage when working with them. Furthermore, she suggested limiting the number of goroutines in the code, providing them with a cancellation token or a time limit to avoid prolonged resource consumption, and properly synchronizing goroutines. She also demonstrated the importance of application monitoring and gave us a brief demonstration of the pproff tool. This talk helped us assimilate concepts we were already familiar with and learn some tips for improving memory management.

HubSpot Video

The second talk, titled "A Fast Structured Logging Package" by Jonathan Amsterdam, was equally interesting. In this talk, the objective of developing a structured logging package with a focus on performance was presented. We were introduced to the Zap package developed by Uber. Significant improvements have been achieved in this field with this library. We particularly appreciated seeing the dedication to improvement in this library, as it is the one we use in most of our projects for log recording. Understanding this library better and learning how to overcome challenges to improve performance was quite enriching.

Attending these types of events is always a great experience. We want to express our gratitude to TravelgateX for once again providing us with the opportunity to attend GopherCon. Thanks to their support, we had the chance to acquire new knowledge and enhance our skills. We are excited to apply what we learned in our future projects and share it with our team!