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GopHer Conference
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Impressions of GopherCon 2023 in Berlin

7/6/23 2:12 PM

Attending GopherCon was an enriching experience! During the conference, we had the opportunity to attend several interesting talks, but there are two in particular that we would like to highlight.

The first conference titled "Go Right Ahead! Simple Hacks To Cut Memory Usage by 80%" piqued our curiosity from the beginning, as we personally enjoy topics that deal with optimization. The speaker, Yiscah Levy, started with a brief recap on the importance of optimizing projects in terms of scalability, reliability, cost reduction, and user experience. She then shared some tips for optimizing memory usage.

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Writing a Graphql NodeJS Server that fetches it’s schema from Git

9/12/22 12:00 AM

A few months ago, I was asked to make some changes in TravelgateX's API GraphQL schema. After making the changes and installing our API in the production environment, I started thinking of ways that these GraphQL schema changes can be made more efficiently and using a mix of different tools and technologies that our company uses. A collegue of mine suggested that the schema can be loaded in a Github repository and then, once the application is started, it can be fetched and loaded as the current versión of the GraphQL schema used by the API.

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Full Solution, the solution for static and dynamic rates

3/22/22 12:07 PM

TravelgateX launches its " Full Solution" to optimize sales of hotel bookings with static and dynamic rates. This solution is ready for those travel companies that want to maximize their profits. Thus, they will be able to save time by focusing the sale of their product without the need to have their own API, reaching more than 600 buyers in the travel market who are looking for this type of specialized products.

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Meet TeamX: Adrian Suarez, Connectivity Maintenance Manager

12/16/21 11:48 AM

TravelgateX is a travel connectivity market network, connecting more than 1,000 travel industry partners, manages more than 3 billion searches and completes more than 30,000 bookings per day. In this interview, Adrian Suarez, Connectivity Maintenance Manager of the company explains technically what to expect in the next year regarding connections. 

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