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DTS Travel: Merging tradition with technology for travel success in the Americas


Enrique Dieux, CEO of DTS Travel, opens the door to the company's exciting history. From its beginnings as a traditional agency to becoming an online hotel sales giant in LATAM, DTS Travel has demonstrated a unique ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market.

In this interview, Enrique shares with us the keys to DTS Travel's success, including its unwavering commitment to customer service, its commitment to innovative technology, and its successful partnership with TravelgateX.

- Enrique, tell us a little about it. How did the business start, and how has it evolved over the years?

- DTS originated as a traditional receptive agency in Argentina and Uruguay in the 1990s, a time predating widespread internet usage and integrations. In 2001, we pioneered the first B2B platform in the market, beginning our journey into the realm of technology applied to the tourism industry. By 2004, our initial integrations and collaborations with technological partners had begun.

Over the years, our portfolio expanded not only within Argentina and Uruguay but also across various countries in the region. Fueled by the growth in our direct contracting efforts, we experienced heightened demand from clients seeking to explore new destinations in LATAM.

As of today, we have successfully negotiated direct contracts in every country across Latin America, amassing a portfolio that includes more than 12,000 hotels. In 2024, we initiated our expansion into the United States and Canada, securing our first direct contracts and thereby ensuring comprehensive content coverage throughout the entire Americas

- Can you describe the importance of two key factors to DTS development: technology... and customer service.

- Our greatest strength has been, is, and will be the unwavering commitment to providing high-quality customer service, both directly and indirectly, especially when challenges arise at the destination.

It is through these commendations that new businesses choose to partner with us. They are drawn not only to our commitment to exceptional service but also to the cutting-edge technology we employ for the sale and distribution of our content to clients worldwide. This is where TGX becomes an invaluable asset, providing us with a powerful, stable, updated, flexible, and continually evolving tool.

In this regard, we find common ground in our shared values and objectives, working collaboratively to devise effective solutions that add value and distinguish our products in the market. We acknowledge that both our industries are in a constant state of evolution and change, and we have the ability to adapt, striving for the utmost efficiency in the dynamic and wonderful field of tourism.

- How long has DTS been a Partner of TravelgateX? What did you know of us beforehand?

- Our collaboration with TGX began just as the pandemic was taking root. This fortunate timing afforded both teams the necessary time and availability to collaboratively work on migrating our proprietary system to the comprehensive TGX solution.

Even with our previous system, we were already connected, and participating in the first Con-X and After-X events led to an instantaneous match. This facilitated the establishment of a robust commercial alliance right from the outset. The seamless connection and shared values discovered during these events allowed us to forge a strong partnership

- What led you to move to TravelgateX? What are the main factors that influenced your decision?

- Being part of TGX was instrumental for DTS Travel, as it positioned us in a spotlight that allowed companies worldwide to discover what we do and how we operate.

The LATAM market is inherently challenging, and what sets TGX apart is the momentum it creates through significant events such as Con-X, After-X, and the recent milestone of their dedicated stand at FITUR 2024. These platforms have provided unparalleled exposure and opportunities, showcasing our capabilities and fostering connections on a global scale.

- How does working with TravelgateX and using the TravelgateX API help you to achieve your business goals?

- Collaborating with TGX streamlines the connection processes with both clients and suppliers through straightforward steps. This enables us to establish a new connection, operational and functional, within a matter of hours. In a short timeframe, we can successfully achieve the commercial goals and objectives set within the company. The efficiency provided by TGX significantly accelerates our ability to meet and exceed targets.

- You partner with many other tech companies – what makes TravelgateX different?

- As a part of the TGX system, DTS has successfully established connections with partners, channels, and clients through various integration platforms that are open to the world. We share a vision of not monopolizing the industry and believe in the freedom to collaborate openly without limitations to achieve our shared goals. This approach fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment, enabling us to build strong relationships across the industry and work towards our objectives. 

- You are now part of the Buyers/Sellers, what benefits has this brought to you?

- Being part of the TGX full solution platform as both a buyer and seller has brought us the greatest benefit in terms of optimal response times, as everything is centralized within the same system. We've seen a significant reduction in response times, from 2-3 seconds to 8-9 seconds.

Additionally, the ease of connecting and the option to engage in cross-selling agreements have empowered us to supply a wide range of sales channels, catering to the specific needs of our clients. This streamlined process not only enhances efficiency but also enables us to meet the unique requirements of our customers, contributing to overall satisfaction.

- What’s the most interesting or useful thing to come out of a TravelgateX meeting? In what ways have these sessions made a difference to your relationship with TravelgateX?

- What truly stands out in the meetings facilitated by events, fairs, or biweekly gatherings with TGX is that they have enabled us to forge new alliances with recommended clients and gain a deeper understanding of the tool. This, in turn, has led to improvements in commercial strategies and constant optimization of content. The collaborative nature of these interactions not only enhances our relationships with clients but also contributes significantly to the ongoing refinement and enhancement of our Hotel portfolio.

- Lastly – how would you describe TravelgateX in three single words?

- Democratic, Open, Flexible.  



With over 30 years of experience focused on online hotel and service sales in Latin America, and after gaining a reputation for providing excellent customer service, DTS has finally launched its website. We have revamped our image and logo, and now we are proud to present our website, which will allow you to manage your reservations much faster and easier.

WEB: https://dts.travel


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