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Expanding Ottila International DMC Globally: A Collaboration with TravelgateX


Ottila International DMC, a trendsetter in the B2B Travel industry based in Dubai, has been making waves with its worldwide hotel bookings, transportation, and tour packages. In this interview, we speak with Mr. Sunil Kumar K.V, the Managing Director of Ottila International DMC, to learn more about their success and their collaboration with TravelgateX.

- Tell us about your business.

- Ottila International DMCC is a Dubai-based company that is a leader in the B2B Travel industry. We offer a wide range of services including hotel bookings, transportation, sightseeing, attractions, tour packages, car rental, rail, self-drive, and motor-coach tours. With over 26 years of experience, we have grown into a multinational company supporting tour operators and travel agents worldwide.

- What led you to use TravelgateX products or services?

- We were attracted to the simplicity and efficiency of TravelgateX's features and services. With just one connection, we can directly connect with partners worldwide, which is a huge advantage for our business.

- What products or services do you use at TravelgateX?

- Our main focus is the accommodation business, and we utilize TravelgateX's API to connect with our partners, ensuring fast distribution and purchasing. Additionally, tools like Traffic optimization have been incredibly helpful in our daily operations.

- How did you find TravelgateX, and why did you decide to work with us?

- We were introduced to TravelgateX through our well-connected team members in the travel industry. Recognizing the need for strategic partnerships to expand our brand globally, we saw TravelgateX as a crucial and valuable partner to accelerate our business.

- What outstanding results and achievements have you gained through our collaboration?

- Our collaboration with TravelgateX has allowed us to quickly reach and connect with partners, meeting the demands of our customers efficiently. Furthermore, it has provided excellent visibility for our brand and helped us reduce the cost of API integration.