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Fabio Giangrande from AIC Travel Group: “This partnership will be able to help us to achieve our goals faster”

AIC Travel Group is a leading global travel player based in Geneva/Switzerland with more than 20 years of expertise in distributing worldwide online tourist services.

AIC operates in more than 100 countries with particularly strong positions in Russia and Eastern European countries, Central Europe, the United States, South American countries and very sensitive growth in the rest of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Aicgroup.biz is one of the greatest travel content providers and it places itself among the B2B online Global Key Players.

Fabio Giangrande,  Managing Director, has responded to this interview after joining as a new TravelgateX Premium Partner

  • How has AIC Travel Group benefited from a closer partnership with TravelgateX?
  • AIC Travel Group is experiencing a period of strong grown & development, that’s how our needs to broaden our distribution capabilities, this partnership will be able to help us to achieve our goals faster.
  • Why Join AIC Travel Group? How it’s work?
  • We have twenty years of experience in the online industry, we offer an extensive inventory of 265 k+ Hotels in top sellers worldwide destinations including 6.500 directly contracted Hotels in key cities (EU, USA & Switzerland specialists), we enjoy Direct Connectivity with major Hotel Chains and more than 60 XML supplier integrations, all distributed at highly competitive NET prices
  • How TGX has helped you to empower your connectivity?
  • We are moving the first steps as TGX Premium Partner, we have great expectation from this qualitative leap, we enjoy many cross-sells partnership with the key players in our industry, now it will be easier to connect AIC for our customers (and free of charge for them).
  • Why did you decide to use TravelgateX?
  • This choice fits perfectly with a view of our strategy of strengthening our distribution capacity.
  • What is in your perspective the Unique Selling Proposition of our Platform?
  • As a Global wholesaler, our aim is to provide best & quick XML connectivity, we are now live with TGX  from a selling and buying perspective, we are quite excited about what we will be able to achieve. We have received positive feedback from many of our suppliers.
  • Which departments in your company are in contact with the platform?
  • Sales & marketing and IT team.
  • What aspects of TravelgateX do you find most valuable?
  • We are living an important evolutionary phase, we are opening many new distribution channels, enabling supplier’s integrations by clicking a button and/or get a new customer in faster is the desire of every online player.
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