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GO LAB, learning about a language in constant growth

The TravelgateX Team attended the global GOLab conference in Florence.

GOLab Conference in Florence.

Go is a compiled, concurrent, imperative, structured, object-oriented programming language. In TravelgateX different technologies and programming languages are used in order to cover every business need. One of these programming languages is Go (or GoLang), which is currently used in several projects in which our team is working: for instance, Core uses it for the project “Entities” and the “IAM”, and it is also used by HotelX and Stats teams.

Go is young, but it is having a remarkable growing impact in the last few years. It is an ideal language for concurrent systems with many requests (such as TravelgateX’s) and the construction of micro-services.
Go has been created by Google, but it is open-source and public (so licenses are not paid), unlike other more mature languages, such as Ruby.

The Conference
Google is making moves and trying to make a more mature and experienced community. That is the reason why they are actively participating in different conferences and events that take place around the world.

“Florence proposal has been very interesting. There were two important representatives of Google showing their clear will and tendency to make this community grow. In a way, they are interested because they are aware that a great and good community can contribute a lot to your product” said Carlos Guzmán from the CORE team of TravelgateX, who participated in the GoLab 2018 Conference.

The aim of the participation of the TravelgateX team in this conference has been to know first-hand the state of the community and the technology from the company which generated it (Google). Besides, they went to practical workshops in which to they learned specific techniques and improvements in the development of the code in a dynamic and open manner. In addition, the TravelgateX team had the opportunity to surround themselves with colleagues who work with the same technology at a low level of business (from programmer to programmer) to share experiences and knowledge, which are hard to obtain otherwise.

“What we have learned for our growth as professionals has been to see first-hand the state of the community, its direction, and also to meet the different actors which are actively participating in its development. We have put special attention in the techniques, good practices, design patterns, concepts and small tricks that will help us improve our development in Go code and be more efficient”, said Carlos Guzmán.

Since Go is specially oriented to solve concurrency and performance problems, many of the workshops and talks from GOLab 2018 were oriented in that direction, providing valuable advice and ways of facing similar problems to the ones faced by the team on a daily basis, especially the ones that make reference to the improvement of performance, efficiency and benchmarks (performance tests), the latter being precisely one of the targets of TravelgateX.

The challenge

For TravelgateX, the main challenge is to apply knowledge and experience in improving the performance of our processes since there is a lot of room to maneuver.

Regarding the aforementioned, Carlos Guzmán commented that “a company that has grown a lot in a very short period of time has as main challenge to apply knowledge and experience in improving the performance of the processes since there is a lot of room to maneuver. With continuous training and assistance to these type of events we grow as professionals, we can develop optimal solutions for the future and improve the performance of already existing projects”.

The members of the TravelgateX GO Community who attended this event were: Pep Peralta Isern (HotelX); Miki Martin Matas (HotelX); Jose Diaz Gonzalez (HotelX); Marcos Barragan Sastre (TGX); Carlos Guzmán Pérez (Core).

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