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Enrique Dieux from DTS Dieux Travel Services: “I recommend TravelgateX for their commitment and humanely with customers”

Enrique Dieux, director of DTS Dieux Travel Services takes part in the series of monthly interviews with TravelgateX partners. DTS Dieux Travel Services is a receptive company combining the latest technology and great, personalized service 24 hours a day. DTS Dieux Travel Services already works with variable rates and counts as clients Preferential, Last Minute.com among others. Currently, they are focused on working on a service proposal that focuses one hundred percent on technology.

  • Enrique, what are the key objectives of the business for the coming years?
  • Our intention is to go deeper into the service as such, continue to grow our agreements with peers and grow in products while respecting the wholesaler and retail chain of the sector.
  • How do you see the tourism B2B sector, has it undergone changes throughout the year? Have you experienced any significant growth in your business?
  • I think the B2B industry is continuously changing at a very fast pace and pushed by the big systems. In our case, and regarding our growth, we have experienced a 23% increase in sales this year, and we have added several destinations to our platform.
  • How long have you been working with TravelgateX and how is everything working?
  • We have been working with them long enough to know the seriousness and professionalism with which they operate.
  • What aspect of TravelgateX do you value the most? Would you recommend this service to other tourism companies?
  • Their commitment to their clients along with the great team behind their technology is what makes TravelgateX such a good partner and the reason why we recommend it.
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