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Paul Anthony at CON-X 2024: "Innovation with purpose & partnerships drive travel industry forward"

During the CON-X 2024 conference, Paul Anthony participated in a thought-provoking roundtable discussion where he shared valuable insights on innovation and industry collaboration. He emphasized the importance of purpose-driven innovation and strategic partnerships in driving the travel industry forward.

Purpose-driven innovation
Anthony highlighted that innovation should always aim to solve real problems, rather than being pursued for its own sake. He stated, "I don't think there are any limits. What we need to do is whatever we do, we do it well. The limit is ensuring that what you're going to do, you're going to do well. Are we innovating just for the sake of innovating, or are we innovating to solve a problem? Understand what the problem is and then find the solution, which normally comes from innovation."

This approach ensures that resources are utilized effectively and that innovations bring tangible benefits to the industry and its customers.

Strategic partnerships
Anthony also stressed the value of partnerships within the industry. He noted, "Don't think you have to do it yourself. Think about partnerships in the industry that maybe can help you solve the problem." Collaborating with other companies can lead to more efficient solutions and leverage collective expertise.

Industry connections and prospects
Reflecting on the event, Anthony appreciated the opportunity to connect with so many industry professionals in one place. "It's great to have so many people from the industry in one place. It's nice to connect, see what's happening in the industry, and see people, which is always great," he said.

He also commented on the recent announcement from TravelgateX, expressing curiosity and optimism about its impact on the industry. "As to the announcement of TravelgateX, I think it's good to see how it's coming together as part of a bigger business. I'm curious to see how that will help the industry going forward," Anthony remarked.

Looking ahead
Paul Anthony's insights at CON-X 2024 highlight the importance of thoughtful innovation and the power of strategic partnerships in the travel industry. His perspective encourages industry professionals to focus on solving real problems and leveraging collaborations to drive success. As CON-X 2024 wraps up, the travel tech community looks forward to the continued evolution and growth spurred by such forward-thinking approaches.